"Lime Bomber" For Adding Fruit Wedges to Beer

Some say a good beer doesn't need a slice of lemon or a wedge of lime. And perhaps they're right, but sometimes all that's available is bad beer that can use all the help it can get. The "Lime Bomber" is a plastic plunger that makes it simple to cram a bit of fruit into your bottle of wheat beer or your Mexican lager without getting a faceful of acid. It's totally unnecessary for the home (I hope), but I could see a few people picking up the $13 Lime Bomber for use in their beach-side tiki bars. Product Page [LimeBomber.com via Uncrate]
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12 Responses to "Lime Bomber" For Adding Fruit Wedges to Beer

  1. Marshall says:

    People who put citrus in their beer deserve a faceful of acid, IMHO.

  2. Fnarf says:

    I’m going to agree with Marshall here. Plus, I can’t think of too many bars, beachside tikis or otherwise, that are looking for more useless junk that needs to be washed.

  3. el_beardo says:

    Fruit is for beer that needs help when all the good beer seems to be missing… It’s like adding butter or salt to bland veggies/food. This tool seems like a good investment for those clumsy folks out there… Like my girlfriend. She’s dangerous and she can’t cook to save a life. Lucky me!

  4. Proxy Toaster says:

    I disagree with the comments about using one of these at the house. We drink an inordinate about of beer: Corona, Dos XX, Pacifico, Tecate, Caguama, Modelo (Negro and Especial), Sol, and who knows what else. I think this thing is great, so I just ordered one. $13 is not much to pay for a quick lime injection after you’ve had a 12-pack, as I always seem to end up dropping a lime or two.

    I guess I need a citrus slicer now too, as my other problem seems to be drunken finger removal.

  5. vonnegutlives says:

    I always say that if a beer needs something added to it after the fact, then that beer is crap.

  6. littlechicago says:

    My “man-law”: If you like lime/fruit in beer – keep it fresh, and use a tool. Keep your fingers outta my bottle. The NYC health dept agrees. This is way cool! Proxy you’re going to love it!

  7. remmelt says:

    On my trip to Mexico I learned that the wedges are for keeping the flies away from the beer.

    In other words, putting lime in your Corona means you have an insect problem.

    Fun fact: Mexicans do not drink Corona. It’s just marketed that way. Same goes for Foster’s in Australia.

  8. drewstarr says:

    No, this is much worse than adding butter or salt to food. Both fats and salt interact with the taste buds to enhance the flavor of what else is in the dish — it is not just an additive flavor, it actually changes (positively) the other tastes in the food.
    No such interaction occurs between citrus and beer. It just covers up (badly) bad beer.
    What I find particularly annoying is bars that insist on adding lemon to heffeweizens and other unfiltered beers — not only is it wholly unnecessary, the acid wreaks havoc with head development and retention. That makes me a sad panda.

  9. Blackhat says:

    I suppose it’s stupid to suggest just pouring your beer INTO A GLASS if you want to add fruit to it… No, buy a gadget instead!

  10. ianschwartz says:

    Besides the fact that beer and fruit do not belong together, which I’m willing to overlook, a $13 tool is completely unnecessary for putting a lime wedge in the neck of a bottle. If you really don’t want to use your finger to push it down, why not a knife handle?

    But regarding #7, citrus like lemon and lime can act as a flavor enhancer much like salt.

  11. GenghisPhlip says:

    This is not a new idea. A similar product has been on sale at GardenRidge for years.


  12. elguapostrikes says:

    I consider corona separate from beer. Its like iced tea- its refreshing and good with a lime.

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