Modern Mechanix Round-UP

Today on Modern Mechanix we have some weird anthropomorphic taxidermy, the origin of motels, a mechanical brain that does differential equations, plans to air condition Chicago sidewalks, a crippled dog that walks using roller skates and the rather dangerous looking sport of Auto Ball. This weekend we looked at Russia's aborted plans for the world's tallest building, an electric fan to cool boxers, learning swimming via telephone, a retractable awning to shade headlights, using smoke to visualize the proposed route of the Golden Gate bridge, queer jobs in the arctic, a radio antenna that straps under your car, and a new rotowing aircraft. We also learned about how sugar gives you endurance, a post-WWII plan for tooth banks that just creeps me out, nudism throughout the world and how gas stations rip you off in the "Gasoline Dope Racket".
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  1. Kid says:

    Bunnies!!! Awww

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