BBtv Vlog: Krups Heineken BeerTender Review

We finally had a chance to put the Krups Heineken BeerTender through a battery of rigorous tests, such as "Will it allow beer to escape its nozzle?" and "Hey, the beer is gone." If you perused the unboxing spread I put up last week you can probably guess my eventual purchasing advice, but let's just say that $300 is a lot of money for a tiny refrigerator that can only serve Heineken. Also, we didn't labor it in the video, but the little sensor that shows you how much beer is left in the proprietary DraftKeg? You know, one of the only things that the BeerTender adds over a regular refrigerator? Totally did not work on ours.
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22 Responses to BBtv Vlog: Krups Heineken BeerTender Review

  1. Jhwk says:

    NB FTW! Just got my all grain set-up and am prepping a Strong golden ale and an ESB. Good luck with your heinny.

  2. Frobert says:

    the guys reviewing this would make sucky bar men!thats the worst pouring i’ve ever seen, stick to your weak american beers guys, Heineken pisses on any of them.

  3. jogar says:

    What do you do with that empty Heineken draught keg? Make a lamp, of course. This guy makes lamps out of his empties:

  4. zuzu says:

    Nice use of missing I-frames as a wipe transition.

  5. remmelt says:

    The head is not large for a Dutch beer! Two fingers is the correct size. Looks about right.

  6. Kid says:

    #7: Well, even if the product were provided for free, Joel doesn’t need to say “OMG It’s awesome” to please the manufacturers. That’s called a bribe. If the product sucks, then it sucks. It’s not like he made the flaws of the product up.

    Personally, I think the beer is good, because: 1. The two kids in the video were completely drunk, 2. They got some drunk Joel went to cut his own hair, 3. They start talking sh*t, which is exactly what drunk people do… LOL

    On the other hand, I think companies will still send stuff for him to review, because if Joel finally reveal his thumbs up, that means a product is really good. And it’s not like he didn’t do that (e.g. iPhone and iPhone).

  7. Kid says:

    P.S. It was a hilarious non-review review.

  8. goodbeershow says:

    ROTFL go ahead and drink your highly-marketed pale lagers from a proprietary apparatus. I-tunes for beer.


  9. styrofoam says:

    Heineken? F T S! PABST BLUE RIBBON!!!

    Nice Northern Brewer glass. I’ve alwasys thought of them as local, I guess I didn’t realize their presence was that widespread.

  10. pork musket says:

    @15 — There are 1,406 craft and microbreweries in the U.S. I’ll agree the european mass-marketed beers are better than the ones here (although heineken tastes like a skunk’s asshole), but saying American beers are weak just shows how ignorant generalizations can be. And for the record, Bud and Coors are the same ABV as Heineken.

  11. miramax42 says:

    Disappointing that this is thing isn’t better. I loves me some Heineken. Not as much as I like wine though.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Great for FOAM PARTIES, otherwise don’t waste your time!

    Found out there is going to be a recall on these things, so don’t buy one until Krups puts out their version 2.0!

    My Uncle-in-law is the beer distributor here in the city I live in and I called and asked him why these things foam up so bad. He said he talked to the Heineken vendor and he said they gave a bunch of those BeerTender’s away to distributor’s (including my Uncle) when they first came out and every one of them ended up in the trash.

    So Heineken is jumping down Krup’s throat to fix the “FOAM” problem. I guess Heineken poured millions into the technology and they are pissed because their reputation is going in the toilet over a product they thought was going to put them back on top in the US.

    Prior to finding out how bad this product is, when Linens & Things went out of business last month (12-08) I picked up a couple of “BeerTender’s” on closeout for 83 bucks each. I bought a 5L Heini mini-keg for 20 bucks and was ready to try it. I followed the video directions at Krups’ website on how to use it. I rinsed a glass out with cool tap water, angled it perfectly and pulled down the tap… Nothing but Foam! This happened with every glass I poured.

    I bought a Heineken Light keg and had the same problem. Plus, just like Joel Johnson mentions in his above posted review, the LED gauge on both of my BeerTender’s don’t tell you when your keg is empty like they are supposed to. It shows a green “full” light from the beginning of the keg until it’s empty.

    Krups definitely needs to go back to the drawing board and re-tool this product. Maybe they can call the Windows Vista guys and see how they did it.

    Until then I’ll just go to my buddy’s house and enjoy his EdgeStar Mini Kegerator and some Warsteiner.

    Oh and P.S. everyone’s asking if you can use other 5L mini kegs in the BeerTender. The answer is NO. Only Heineken products work in this beer-tap system. Maybe they will address that in the recall too.

  13. TabulaRasa says:

    If you like the idea – there is a competing system called “Perfect Draft” from Philips.
    Can be used with more brands of beer and costs around 110 euros (175$?) here in europe.
    No idea if its available in the US of A, though.

  14. strider_mt2k says:

    Not feeling it, sorry.

    This amounts to a beer fad, and not a very compelling one at that.

  15. jennfrank says:

    #9: …that’s what she said?

  16. Takuan says:

    call me when you have the double keg helmet – with cooling

  17. macbrak says:

    Its cool and all, but for about a $100 more you could get a half barrel sized kegerator. You could probably make up the difference within 3 kegs by “buying in bulk”.

    FYI: NB has probably one of the two largest online hb shops.

  18. Wingo says:

    So, wait… I’m trying to figure out how this works.

    I’m assuming the product was provided for free, so that an online review would be done, hopefully promoting the product/beer. This could be an incorrect assumption, but I’m basing it on the fact that there was skepticism about its usefulness from the start, so I’m doubtful that it was purchased.

    Then a video is made dissing not only the new product but the beer as well, and continuously so.

    And you get drunk in the process.

    If I were Heineken looking for some promotion, I’d be pissed. On the other hand: How do I apply for your job??

  19. JDspeeder1 says:

    Friends don’t let friends drink and shave.

  20. mdhatter says:

    Northern Brewer is huge. I use them too. I also us a more local mon’n’pop place (with some sweeeeet shop-made kits) – NFG Homebrew. Look ‘em up, they’re online too.

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