Life Clock by Bertrand Planes

The "Life Clock," by Bertrand Planes, slows down the typical clock mechanism so that what is normally a minute hash now represent years. I'd put a battery in it, because I'd be terrified when if the power went out. I'm unsure if this is a real art project—or rather, I'm unsure if the clock actually is slowed down 61320 times or if it has just been repainted. Artist's Page [ via Szymon Blaszczyk via vvork via Technobob]
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3 Responses to Life Clock by Bertrand Planes

  1. David Carroll says:

    It’s a neat art project, but if I was to market it I would offer a 90 day guarantee and skip the clock works. It would take about that long for your customer to figure out that it doesn’t work.

    That being said this would make an excellent 50 or 60 year birthday present. At 82 you can buy them Life Clock 2.0

  2. derrically says:

    I couldn’t find this work on Bertrand Planes’ artist page. Is it really done by him or am I missing something?

  3. michaelportent says:

    Whiling away the days just got a lot more depressing.

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