Star Wars Shaggin' Wagon for Sale on eBay

This 1977 Dodge Tradesman van, available for sale on eBay, has a custom Star Wars mural painted on the side. The van appears to be pretty much falling apart, sadly, but perhaps that's why the bids have only gone just over $1,000. It is a really nice paint job, though. It's a shame that the painted van has fallen out of favor, putting thousands of skilled airbrushers out on the street. Auction Page [ via Star Wars blog]
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6 Responses to Star Wars Shaggin' Wagon for Sale on eBay


    Ah, the painted van! In the late ’70s there were two highly visible vehicles in my small home town. One was a brown van titled “Ripped Van Winkle” which featured an airbrushed picture of a wizard smoking a pipe, IIRC. The owner of that must have had to be judge sober every time he got behind the wheel because if there’s anything that will attract a cop’s attention it’s an intoxicated wizard on your vehicle.
    The other was a purple Lincoln Continental driven by the famous professional wrestler The Sheik. It was more conventional looking, but had a certifiable nutcase behind the wheel.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This one baby!

    It’s the one that will get ya laid!

    PS: I would not be anonymouse if I could figure out my sign in name…. you password reset email does not include it.

  3. Enochrewt says:

    Falling apart? The Millenium Falcon was a bucket of bolts according to some snooty hoes, but it was still bitchin. BID BID BID.

  4. revolution83 says:

    Just wondering if this van is still for sale i live in canada and am looking for one of these vans to buy and fix up if this van is still for sale email me at

  5. Halloween Jack says:

    mmmkay… he claims that the 31-year-old van has only 100,000 miles on it, but he drives it “all the time”. I can just imagine this guy buying the van in ’77, getting it painted and impressing all the geeky 13-year-old Star Wars fans (like me) in town, driving to gigs, rockin’ the van with his girlfriend… then waking up one morning and thinking, “It is the twenty-first century and I am fifty years old.” He pops a piece of Nicorette in his mouth, goes out to the carport, and pours a glass of blue milk out onto the gravel for his homey from Tattooine.

  6. artbot says:

    Ha! In 1977 I won an airbrushed car mural from a radio station contest. I sold it to my friend for $75 and he had a Darth Vader and a TIE Fighter painted on the hood of his dad’s Mustang. It actually looked pretty cool. Wonder whatever happened to that car.

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