Aptera Hybrid Making Cameo in the Star Trek Movie?

Spy shots from the set of the upcoming Star Trek movie show two items of note: the Starfleet-issue miniskirts are back (and about time!) and the three-wheel Aptera Hybrid might be making a cameo in the movie. An Aptera can be seen parked in the shade, perhaps prepping for a lazy background drive-by of the courtyard. I think it's a perfect fit, really. Part of what makes me adore the Aptera's styling is its call back to the clean lines of the late '50s and early '60s, which should work just dandy in a movie that appears to be acknowledging at least a little of the '60s style that influenced the original. Why do these shots from the filming of "Corporate Headquarters" look suspiciously like the Starfleet Academy? [AintItCool.com] PreviouslyAptera Three-Wheeled Electric Car May Reach Production [BBG] • PopMech Gets First Drive of the Aptera Electric Car [BBG] • Aptera's Steve Fambro Interviewed About Three-Wheeled Egg Car [BBG]
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3 Responses to Aptera Hybrid Making Cameo in the Star Trek Movie?

  1. mesrop says:

    Its the front of Oviet Library. Its used a lot in film. I was there when they shot the Kurt Russel superhero movie (I don’t want to remember what it was called, but I think it was a Disney flick). The last time I saw it was for the campus scene in the new Knight Rider Show…

  2. Pip_R_Lagenta says:

    That photo looks like California State University at Northridge, which I attended back in the eightys. Oh, wait! That IS Cal State Northridge! That explains the similarity!

  3. movvbuzzdotcom says:

    Good news about the miniskirts:)

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