Periodic Rings

These "Periodic Rings" from Itsnoname are cute, but available only in silver, gold, and platinum versions. What, no meitnerium version? Like a company selling $6,500 platinum rings doesn't have enough money for their own personal heavy ion smashing facility. Product Page [ via Uncrate]
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9 Responses to Periodic Rings

  1. salsaman says:

    What, no Hg (in glass)?! That would be teh best…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love my Pb ring! I have an urge to make a hat. not just a regular hat, but a blue hat. So blue that it looks just like an apple! Yes I just love my Pb ring!

  3. semiotix says:

    These guys are fantastic. I sent them an envelope stuffed full of small-denomination, nonsequential bills, and my arsenic ring was delivered to my mail drop, no questions asked.

  4. Stephan2008 says:

    If they had one in Pd, I would buy it in a second! I really believe that the Pd market will overtake Pt for jewellery…

  5. MarlboroTestMonkey7 says:

    Curiously I’m wearing a O2 nose ring with H2 cabochons.

  6. w000t says:

    Just be sure to take off your K or Na rings before washing your hands.

  7. jimkirk says:

    About 2/3 down the page, neodymium rings. Very attractive.

  8. Owen says:

    I had an He ring but I lost it.

  9. doplgangr says:

    I’ve got to get me a Kr ring.

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