LifeLites eLite LED Kits for Light-Up LEGO Models

LifeLites produces a series of "eLite" LED kits designed to be incorporated into LEGO models. While they use wires, the LEDs are nestled inside small Technic pegs, making them relatively easy to hide inside models. A Basic kit can be used to simply power the lights, while the Advanced kit ($50 instead of $30) has 9 different modes including flash, fade, and flicker. All the eLite kits require a 9-volt battery box that you'll have to buy directly from LEGO, so be sure to factor that into the price, too. Company Page [ via Bros. Brick via Brickjournal]
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One Response to LifeLites eLite LED Kits for Light-Up LEGO Models

  1. jennfrank says:

    Get ready, December! My Lego Snow Village is going to be so pimp.

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