Edible Bowls and Chopsticks from Hardtack

Designer Nobuhiko Arikawa has created a line of edible tableware for the Orto Cafe in Japan, baked from traditional sailor's hardtack—a simple dough of flour, water, and salt. The bowls and chopsticks are shelf-stable for several months as long as they are kept dry. Edible tableware by Rice-Design [Dezeen] PreviouslyLeaf Bowls of India [BBG]
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2 Responses to Edible Bowls and Chopsticks from Hardtack

  1. Anonymous says:

    …because a lot of ‘dry’ things go in bowls….

  2. michaelportent says:

    This was, no doubt, created for the Sumo Wrestlers that come to the Cafe – who often find normal plates and utensils appetizing after slamming down hundreds of Sushi Rolls in the same sitting.

    Minimizes risk. Smart.

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