Vintage Microphone Gallery

Core77 has a great collection of collections of vintage microphones. Shiny! True industrial design: vintage mic's []
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  1. Mister Staal says:

    The nicest collection of vintage microphones I’ve seen is at The Warehouse Studio here in Vancouver. It’s Bryan Adam’s studio, and chock full of choice goodies. They have a Neve console that, when receiving an automation upgrade, was signed by Rupert Neve!

  2. toxonix says:

    oooooh jeeezus. Ok the RCA ribbons are probably the most desirable there.
    The ‘Blue’ mics are ‘vintagesque’. Nice looking, but not vintage.

  3. strider_mt2k says:

    I like ‘em all!

  4. pinup57 says:

    Very nice, of course, but both the BB comment (core77 has a great collection of vintage microphones…..) and core77’s own comment (but it’s also a sad reminder that a once-beautiful object, a device that truly signified “industrial design,” is gone forever…) are a bit misleading: 1: core77 posts a gallery of pictures (and says so), it’s not his/their collection 2: there are quite a few brandnew off-the-shelf mics of great design posted there (like the Blue mics). “Gone forever”, hmm, a bit exagerated! A bit pricey, certainly.

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