DONG Energy Powers Electric Cars

Happy Monday, everyone. Before I get started, I would just like to announce that there is a company in Denmark—Dansk Olie og NaturGas—that abbreviates their name as "DONG." As DONG is Denmark's state energy producer, this could be the most important development in sustainability in a long time. Let me illustrate the gravity of this news, via quotes from Treehugger:
The Danish press questioned whether DONG can pull off its promises.
Lord, we've all been there. DONG is in the news because they have teamed up with auto manufacturer Renault to build an electric vehicle system in Copenhagen, followed by expansion into the rest of Denmark. I wish them all the best, because electric car infrastructures are neat—and because I would like to continue to childishly titter when writing about their success. Denmark's DONG Bets Big On EVs [Treehugger]
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10 Responses to DONG Energy Powers Electric Cars

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Dude, where’s my Dong?”
    “I think my Dong will fit.”
    “Can I get a ride? My Dong needs work.”
    Bad, poster! BAD!

  2. Jake0748 says:

    “The Danish press questioned whether DONG can pull off its promises.”

    My first LOL of the week, coffee came out my nose. Happy Monday indeed.

  3. lautaylo says:

    LOVE foreign companies and their acronyms/mangling of English. A friend of mine worked a trade show for a Korean motorcycle helmet company named “LAH”, which stands for “long and hard”. You know, “it’s tough, and it lasts a long time” – at least that’s the explanation one of the company reps gave. Whee!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Maybe they should form a partnership with Wang Laboratories.

  5. Mikey Likes BoingBoing says:

    NEWS: They are developing a bigger, metallic-colored version of their electric vehicle.

    It will be called Long DONG silver.


  6. genericvox says:

    “The car was supposed to do 0 – 100 kilometers in 7.5 seconds… (8 hours to recharge).”

    It even shares some qualities with its namesake.

  7. Hank says:

    I assume that they’ll do fine during the day, but the nocturnal emissions could be a problem.

  8. Mikey Likes BoingBoing says:

    It is funny how a company named DONG is working to help end the decades of global a**-raping by the oil producers.

  9. BetterLivingThroughScience says:

    how could you not use “Dong, where is my automobile?” for the headline?!?!!?

  10. License Farm says:

    They ought to get Gedde Wantanabe to be their spokesman.

    “Dong, where is my automobile?”

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