Twist Cap Releases Instant Tea

A Japanese company is selling these plastic bottles that hold 1.4 grams of green tea or other additives in the top. Twist the cap to release the tea into the water, creating an instant serving of cold-brewed tea. (The bottles in the picture are actually a kale-based health drink.) I've no idea how much better the "instant" green tea might taste, but it's a clever, if still wasteful product. Wouldn't it be better just to sell the instant tea? I'm of slightly mixed emotion, though, since one of the things I love about Japan's ever-present vending machines are the cheap, unsweetened green tea always at ready. When I was a sweaty foreigner tromping through Tokyo, I guzzled more than my fair share. (I had also packed a whole carton of American Spirit cigarettes, fearing I wouldn't be able to find any in Japan. Then I got there and realize that not only were American Spirits on sale in almost every cigarette vending machine, but they were actually cheaper than in New York.) Bottle Innovations: Instant fresh tea [Trends in Japan]
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5 Responses to Twist Cap Releases Instant Tea

  1. morcheeba says:

    MRSCIENCE- they use the Orange Ball, of course.

    Oh, do I love Ito En teas… glad I located a source in colorado!

  2. cha0tic says:

    Looks like some one has re-purposed Binary Chemical Weapon technology for the soft drink market, or maybe they’re hoping that the military takes up their patent on the device for big huge sums of cash.

  3. MrScience says:

    There is indeed a security problem, #1… how do they keep pranksters from twisting all the caps in the store?

  4. cranguy says:

    Sure, if 120-160 yen is “cheap”

  5. cha0tic says:

    LOL @ MrScience. I never thought of that.

    I have thought some more though. They could just sell the tops, with (Whatever flavour) in, you just carry the tops around to flavour the bottle of water you buy at wherever.

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