Nike+ SportBand Training Bracelet

Nike has announced the new Nike+ SportBand, a bracelet that tracks pace, distance, and calories burned (estimated, of course) just like the Nike+ iPod package does—minus the need for an iPod. No price announced yet, but I expect it'll be inexpensive. Most of the other Nike+ stuff has been so far.
In the same manner that the Nike + iPod Sport Kit allows shoes to send information to a nano, the Nike+ SportBand is a wristwatch that also monitors a runner’s steps. But now a runner can check time, pace, distance and calories burned at a glance of the wrist. The Nike+ SportBand watch face is a detachable LINK that captures all the run data from a sensor located in the runner’s Nike+ ready footwear. Once a run is completed, the LINK conveniently plugs into a computer like a USB drive, so data can then be sent to where a runner’s progress is tracked.
Update: Gizmodo says it'll sell for $60. Press Release [ via Engadget] PreviouslyNike Amp+ iPod Remote Watch [BBG] • Nike + iPod Stats Tracking Coming to Gym Cardio Machines [BBG] Update, Wednesday, April 16, 2008: Stuff got their hands on the SportBand and like what they found.
Apart from this, it’s a doddle to use when you hit the pavements. There are only two buttons – the ‘toggle’ beneath the screen and the main button on the Link. To get running you just hold the main button for three seconds to establish a connection, and press it once to start and stop. The toggle lets you scroll through stats while you’re running, and when you’ve finished lets you scroll through the time of day, your last run data, your total weekly miles and, most satisfyingly, your total cumulative miles. Uploading your run’s stats couldn’t be slicker. Pop it in the USB port and the widget opens automatically and, if you have an internet connection, so does From there you can fiddle around with the excellent new Coach functions and challenges to make sure you don’t slip back into your doughnut-scoffing ways.
Nike+ SportBand review []
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7 Responses to Nike+ SportBand Training Bracelet

  1. Anonymous says:

    What I don’t get is how people sit around and read data online to see what others have accomplished, and then bash some technology that lets you actually sit and see what you yourself have accomplished!

    You guys need to get out more.

  2. coop says:

    Yeah, whatever happed to running for fitnes, rather than data collection?


  3. Peaceflag2007 says:

    I want a machine that tells me “+50xp gained. You have gained a level of fitness.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    The heart rate info is particularly useful folks.

    For people w/ hypertension, high blood pressure, etc. Plus pregnant women.

    And any one who has a regimen where they need are ‘sposed to keep there heart rate in a certain range for a period of time.

    Dig it?

  5. Takuan says:

    never could understand the point of these gadgets. I suppose if you make your living from your body like a pro sports player – but for others?

    Really, isn’t all you need to judge for yourself the bathroom mirror? Or the bedroom?

    The best fitness is that that we take for granted, to wake up in the flush of warm spring with sweet mouth and muscles that unfurl effortlessly. Too bad that only lasts till fifteen.

  6. BuzzB says:

    I WANT one! I’m all for running for fitness as you all have suggested, but knowing my pace helps to motivate me to improve…and improve I need to do. Basically, lately I need any motivation and i think this would do it. $60 aint bad if it works.

  7. genericvox says:

    LOL @ PeaceFlag

    With this machine, will I earn achievement points as well?

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