Griffin ClearBoost iPhone Case Has Built-in Antenna

Griffin's "ClearBoost" case for the iPhone builds in an external antenna tuned for AT&T's U.S. GSM/EDGE network, giving it an unfortunate tab at the top of the case, but bringing in "increased ability to maintain connection with the cellular network, with more stations available to your phone, and less interference from signal reflections." Interestingly, Griffin even has posted a video showing how to access the Field Test menu of your iPhone so that you can test the benefits of the ClearBoost on your own phone. They're winging one over for review, so I'll brush my tooth and lotion my supple skin for you all soon and do a little review. I've not used a case with my iPhone at all—I find phone cases cramp my pocket—but my current iPhone's screen has a strange discolored area in the corner, so I'm hoping that Apple will cover that under the 1-year warranty. And if they do, I'll probably keep my new iPhone in a case, the better to sell it unscathed when the inevitable 3G version siphons a few hundred bucks out of my pocket. (And yes, I will make another donation to the EFF as a sin tax.) An observation: If I didn't like my iPhone quite a bit, that strange LCD screen spot would probably be enough to cause me to think of the phone as "cheap" or "poorly made"; instead my enjoyment in using the device moves it into a sympathetic neutral zone, where I chalk up the discolored spot as an aberration typical to any mass market device. It's amazing how affection can color one's perspective—more amazing that Apple products seem to imbue solicitude. (Or charity's inverse, an involuntary psychic retch as the mind attempts to purge and protect itself from Apple's geas with antipathy.) Oh, the ClearBoost costs $30. Product Page []
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4 Responses to Griffin ClearBoost iPhone Case Has Built-in Antenna

  1. WeightedCompanionCube says:

    Joel – if you want a good case for your iPhone that adds next to no bulk, try the Agent 18 EcoShield. It’s made from recycled plastic, is thin and tough, adds some much needed grip to the iPhone, and does a lot to protect the camera lens.

    Best of all, it also comes with an insert for the Universal Dock, so if you have one you can dock in the case. I use the dual dock for the headset, so I can’t. However, the case is just two pieces that slide on from the top and bottom and lock with tabs, so sliding the bottom off for docking is easier the trying to pop the whole phone out of a case.

  2. RobertKiko says:

    Uh – the iMic doesn’t even come with a driver. The OSX driver for PowerMate is fantastic. Have you used any of these things?

  3. dculberson says:

    Well, if the iPhone has an antenna port in the dock, there’s no reason this couldn’t just be a traditional antenna wrapped in rubber.

    (ooh, kinky.)

  4. claud9999 says:

    Sounds like those gimmicky “booster” stickers folks were selling that claimed to improve reception. Personally, I’ve not been impressed with most/all of Griffin’s product line and the things I’ve bought from them in the past ended up with really poor support. Theoretically this could be a wave guide, but something tells me you won’t see a noticeable change in reception.

    For the record, I owned an iMic (subsequently sold off, I prefer my USB Soundblaster, no driver needed and lots more port options), still have a PowerMate in a drawer mostly unused, mostly due to really crap drivers for OSX, and I owned this funky thing for a PocketPC PDA that was supposed to work as an IR remote control transmitter but that never worked right. I’ve officially sworn off buying anything from this company ever again.

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