Modern Mechanix Round-UP

Today on Modern Mechanix we have this 1929 idea for an amphibian rescue boat that looks like it came from The Adventures of Tintin, a midget racing car, and a magic mirror that displays advertisements whenever a customer steps in front of it. This all-weather bus has removable windows to keep riders cool in the summer. If they ever make it to summer that is. During the winter the whole bus gets sealed up tight and the exhaust gases are piped inside to keep the occupants warm and asphyxiated. We also looked at a 1936 Modern Mechanix article that examines the exciting lure of trailer life. My guess is that during the depression, having a cheap house that you could cart to wherever there was work was actually a pretty good idea. Lastly check out this 1935 Popular Science article about all of the goofy props and machines used to add humor to the movies.
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