HTC Shift UMPC Reviewed (Verdict: Avoid Unless You Enjoy the Plague)

Gadget Lab's Danny Dumas trounces the HTC Shift, which is a bit of a disappointment to me; I'd thought its form factor obviously ludicrous, but still intriguing.
WIRED Built-in CDMA WWAN radio, which lets you access Sprint's data network when out of WiFi range. Microsoft Origami software offers a decent touchscreen experience. TIRED Truly horrendous keyboard makes typing anything but short burst messages out of the question. Performance slower than a tortoise full of rigor mortis. No ethernet jack. One USB port. Wrapped in tacky leather. Way overpriced.
But besides that it's great! Review: HTC Shift UMPC Is Barely Mobile, Hardly Useful [Gadget Lab]
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One Response to HTC Shift UMPC Reviewed (Verdict: Avoid Unless You Enjoy the Plague)

  1. DTPhantom says:

    no ethernet jack? one usb port? way overpriced? hmm what new product does that remind you of?

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