Wal-Mart Refunding HD DVD Player Purchased Made After Nov. 1

If you bought an HD DVD player at Wal-Mart on or after November 1st and have your receipt, you can return it with or without original package for a full refund. [WSJ via Crunchgear]
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    When I heard that HD-DVD had been abandoned, I immediately began shopping for one. I bought a Toshiba HD-A3 for under $100, delivered. It plays everything but Blu-Ray, which it will be a long time before I’ll need. It’s an outstanding player of conventional DVDs and especially audio CDs for which I primarily use it. Toshiba priced their HD-DVD players way below market in order to get a lot of them – and the disks – into people’s homes. For the price, you get a unit that’s really well built and has great performance. By the time the source material is primarily available on Blu-Ray, those players will be much cheaper and I’ll buy one then. I’m listening to a CD on it now. I think the megabuck Meridian 24 bit CD player I had around here was better, but the gulf in sound is far smaller than the 40/1 price differential.

  2. dculberson says:

    I tried an HD-A2 and it was an astoundingly good upconverting DVD player.

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