Speedy Pedalofit Turns Wheelchairs into Trikes

The "Speedy Pedalofit"—a name which rolls off the tongue in a satisfying way that makes me think of an exercise routine for pedophiles only slightly*—is clip-on wheel and handlebar that coverts most wheelchairs into pedal-powered chopper trikes. And it's not just for paraplegics who want to be sent careening down mountain trails, limp legs churning with sinew-snapping speed. It's also good for those who have some use of their legs and need help building up the muscles again. It gives the disabled a chance to exercise and travel short distances. When they reach their destination, they've already got their chair. What's not to like? Speedy is a UK company, so I'm unsure if any of their products are available outside of their home country. And they make more than just the clip-on Pedalofit, producing a full range of interesting hand-powered bikes and wheelchair additions as well. Product Page [SpeedyBikes.co.uk via Gearfuse via Oh Gizmo] * But really, what doesn't?
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7 Responses to Speedy Pedalofit Turns Wheelchairs into Trikes

  1. Mac says:

    A pedal powered wheelchair ?

    It almost sounds like a joke – especially with John Howard as the model.

    Some of their other products look pretty interesting, though – if I tell my wheelchair-using girlfriend that http://www.speedybikes.co.uk/elektra.html exists, she’ll want one for sure.

    However others look simply dangerous. How many ways can you amputate a finger on http://www.speedybikes.co.uk/laser.html ?


  2. rainlion says:

    Hmmmmm, great idea, but not very practical as most wheelchair users are in them due to leg weakness or impairment. A hand crank attachment would make alot of sense for these.

  3. thornae says:

    Is that John Howard?

    I wondered what he was doing now…

  4. Downpressor says:

    Sweet! if I ever need something like that, I want the front forks to be like the ones on a Schwinn Spoiler or even longer.

  5. onzi says:

    This will go nicely with my crutches/pogo stick combo!

    They appear to have several hand powered models, so perhaps they got requests for this one. I imagine it’s largely about the gearing.

  6. sushispook says:

    Honestly, my sister and I are thinking of getting one of these and attaching it to a motorized wheelchair. From there, we can decorate it with flame decals, and Mom can have her senior-chopper…

  7. Anonymous says:

    I know that it seems odd to combine a wheelchair with pedals, but I’ve heard of a couple of seniors who fell off bicycles and broke their hips. This would allow them to get exercise, yet be stable enough that they wouldn’t need to worry about falls.

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