Cthulhu creams Godzilla in kaiju miniature game

As far as great ideas are concerned, I'm hard-pressed to think of anything better than a collectible miniatures game based around the concept of tentacled, atomic-powered kaiju pile-driving each other through skyscrapers.
Monsterpocalypse brings the kaiju (loosely translated from Japanese as ‘giant monster’) genre to the tabletop in the form of a fast-paced, action-packed CMG. The Monsterpocalypse CMG will launch with over 80 pre-painted plastic figures in the initial set and will include large-scale monsters, destroyable city structures, and vehicles. Planned for release at retail in 2008, figures will be sold in randomized booster packs and non-randomized starter games, and special figures will be available at events throughout 2008.
Wonderful. Board games in my house usually devolve into a destructive orgy of senseless physical violence. Crushing Cthulhu and Mothra and Gamera underfoot like insects as I choke the life out of an opponent, even as the kaiju themselves pulverize, immolate and irradiate the tiny, chattering natives of Monsterpocalypse's cardboard Tokyo... it's just so wonderfully recursive. Privateer Press Announces Monsterpocalypse [Privateer Press]
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4 Responses to Cthulhu creams Godzilla in kaiju miniature game

  1. Downpressor says:

    Maybe the minis will be nice, but this long trend of “collectible” whatever games leaves me cold. I’ve got vague memories of this same kind of thing with a DIY ruleset and plastic toys and I bet many other tabletop gamers did the same kind of thing too.

    If all else fails, use your Lego for wargaming, there’s a bunch of rulesets out there already like http://www.brikwars.com/ or if you have the sets and the space, try a session of http://www.io.com/~sj/PirateGame.html and mod either one for Cthulhu or kaiju.

  2. Freddie Freelance says:

    It still doesn’t stand up to Kaiju Big Battel; Don’t worry, I’ll still buy it, but it won’t be as cool.

  3. Rossi says:

    First day. Fourth post. You waste no time getting to the Cthulhu, Brownlee. Welcome, Sir.

  4. John Brownlee says:

    Well, I have an obligation to the Ectomites!

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