Only $50,000 for the Berwyn Spindle, the Vlad Tepes of cars

Alone in art history, the Berwyn Spindle is the only work of sculpture specifically recognized as being of great historical value by the 1992 Paramount tour de force, Wayne's World. A fifty foot tall stiletto skewering 8 rusting hulks, the Spindle deftly sidesteps some irony points by eschewing a Chevy Impala from its line-up of perforated cars. But now, maybe someone out there will get the chance to deliver that final masterstroke that turns a work of mere sublime beauty into a masterpiece perfectly encapsulating the human condition. Thanks to a campaign by Berwyn residents who have hated the Spindle ever since it was first erected to tickle their collective o-rings, the Spindle has been put up on eBay for auction. The opening bid is $50,000, but like all eBay auctions, they're reaming prospective buyers on shipping: the winner will have to pay $100,000 for delivery. I'm looking forward to the news stories to come out of this after it's sold. "Impaled Skeleton Found In Red Spindle Volkswagen; Police Mystified By Smile, Box of Kleenex." Spindle Art Work In Berwyn Illinois [eBay]
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2 Responses to Only $50,000 for the Berwyn Spindle, the Vlad Tepes of cars

  1. murray says:

    Okay, which boingboing reader asked this question to the seller:

    Q: Are the cars in working condition?
    A: It depends on what type of work you want them to do.

  2. snackcake says:

    NPR covered The Spindle last August on “All Things Considered”:

    It’s a shame, the world needs more of this type of public art, and less Walgreens (the reason they are removing it).

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