Protective plastic insert turns baseball cap into safety helmet

We've all been there: staking out a Little League game, trying to get photographic evidence of the neighbor kid picking his nose. (The only saving grace of blackmailing families with no vices is that even an inconsequential social transgression can be all it takes to shame them into mowing your lawn for the rest of their lives.) But what if you've misjudged? What if Father Jones notices your telephoto rig hidden inside your giant foam "We're Number 1!" hand? What if as his brings the tiny aluminum bat down onto your noggin you realize your ball cap disguise offers no cranial protection? Before you go after the Smiths — their strong work ethic exactly what it will take to get three coats of paint on your house — invest in Spycatcher of Knightsbridge's "Protective Insert for Baseball Cap," a polypropylene helm that slips under a standard baseball cap. It's charmingly abbreviated in the product code as "PDLCAPINS," which I can't help but parse as "Puddle Captains." It's £5. A landscaper wouldn't even start your lawnmower for that. Catalog Page [ via Red Ferret]
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Most US safety suppliers carry theses as “bump caps” or “cap liners” for $3 or $4. Mine have been great all winter & spring, may be hot in summer.

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