Brickarms '08: new weapons for your bloodthirsty LEGO minifigs

Brickarms, the company who makes scale weapons for LEGO minifigs, has just released their new 2008 line-up. Company Page [] (Thanks, Knife Knut!)
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3 Responses to Brickarms '08: new weapons for your bloodthirsty LEGO minifigs

  1. KurtMac says:

    Ah, geeze. I managed to keep myself from purchasing any the last time you featured them, but this is really too much. Stop tempting me with the awesomeness! What I really want to know is how they made those WWII tanks they have pictured with some of the minifigs. If I could get my hands on those I’d have no choice but to buy the whole set and recreate a tiny, plastic D-Day Invasion.

  2. strider_mt2k says:

    Am I on the wrong track by wanting to design space probes out of Lego?
    Nono, I kid. These have a place.

    Have they done Luke’s blaster sidearm from the X-Wing Pilot’s outfit yet?

    There are really cool.

  3. Tommy says:

    I’m not the kind of guy who gets off on weaponry.

    And I *still* want to buy these!

    I wonder how Stikfas hands compare to Lego hands, size-wise. I can’t believe I haven’t checked on that yet.

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