Datto 500 NAS stores your data off-site, too

Datto is selling this new NAS that continuously backs up your data to the company's off-site servers. If your NAS crashes hard, they'll overnight you a new unit with your last backup already installed. It'll cost you, of course: $25 a month (discounts for longer subscriptions), plus the initial $600 entry fee for the 500GB device. That's too pricey for most home users, but could be useful for a business. Then again, how often does a whole NAS die? The point of a NAS in the first place is that you'll likely — knock on wood — only ever lose a single drive at a time, giving you the opportunity to swap in a replacement before the whole thing goes tits up. Product Page [DattoBackup.com]
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6 Responses to Datto 500 NAS stores your data off-site, too

  1. Thinkerer says:

    The last time I looked, a 500 Gb USB drive was about $130, and they’re asking $600 just to sign up…?

  2. Enochrewt says:

    Then again, how often does a whole NAS die?

    I’m sure the company doesn’t care, as long as they get $25/mo from a bunch of people. Nothing like selling someone something they don’t need….

  3. KurtMac says:

    I don’t think the offsite backup is intended solely to insure in case of hardware failure of the NAS itself. I think it would be most useful for other catastrophies such as your office burning down or getting robbed. Situations which, admittedly, are also about as likely as total NAS failure, but you get my point.

  4. NikFromNYC says:

    Warning Will Rogers. These specific drives often are cheap because they use a non-firmware-upgradable “Type A” Prolific chipset instead of the much better Oxford chipset. Mainly this means they wont chain via Firewire, but work fairly well with USB, both the old version of the those standards, not the latest ones. Also, this SPECIFIC drive enclosure had a circuit board that have not had the solder flux (salty crap) washed off properly, so given ports fail, randomly. I recognize these phat ass little cheapie bling things. Lost all my old Betty Boop videos one time, or thought I did, until I put the drive into a new enclosure and ran Disk Warrior (a Mac program) on it.

  5. mattbots says:

    Then again, how often does a whole NAS die?

    Offsite backup is for fire, flood, theft, earthquake, et cetera.

  6. mappo says:

    >NAS that continuously backs up your data to the company’s off-site servers.<
    That’ll put a dent in your available bandwidth, I bet.

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