Sling your laptop around with a Lapstrap

While other gadget bloggers are running prissily around, flapping their hands around their downy cheeks in what can only be described as the hysterical, bladder-evacuating pirouette of the techno-prima-donna, I have to say I quite like this functional but decidedly pat laptop-carrying strap. Okay, its certainly not going to protect your laptop from anything. And perhaps it is just my upbringing in Mississippi, squelching barefoot through the Delta mud to school every morning with a corn husk crammed between my gapped teeth, an unhappy frog stuffed in my back pocket and a leather strap filled with books thrown carelessly over one sunburned shoulder. But this isn't a solution for people who want to protect their laptops from elemental ravages, whizzing bullets or fat people losing their balance, tipping over and crashing wildly down hill. Its a fantastic solution for someone who wants to be able to easily sling their laptop over his or her should, but doesn't want to have to pull it out of a bagger for quick, instantaneous access. A perfect blogger's solution, in other words. $25 will get you one, and for a little bit more will get one with a customized logo on the strap. A mite unfashionable, though, even with a custom design. I'd imagine a Macbook Air on a luminescent spaghetti strand, personally. The Lapstrap [Official Site (Turn Off Your Speakers) via Crave]
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5 Responses to Sling your laptop around with a Lapstrap

  1. mightymouse1584 says:

    what could possibly be better at saying “im a blogger.” Its like a 20 foot neon sign hovering above your head.

  2. popvoid says:

    Might as well just use a piece of ribbon and save yourself $25.

  3. chef says:

    Ohhhhhhhh…. it’s a big strap that you place over the keyboard and close the laptop over. That degrades it from “cool” to “retarded and potentially catastrophic”, especially as many laptops don’t have latching covers. I was under the previous impression that it attached to hinge points or theft prevention holes, which would be cool.

    Also, #3 is right – Flash has its place, but not as the entire webpage. Ugh.

  4. Not a Doktor says:

    I wanted an Itronix GoBook VR-1, mainly because of the handle that turns a steering wheel into a platform, but they were a bit too pricey so I settled with a Toughbook CF-51 (the real unexciting looking one) and I think this would be great for it.

    ps one time after walking out of a boring class I still had my laptop open so I could finish a download, and I kinda stumbled and dropped it on the corner of it’s screen. After a few expletives I picked it up looked it over and discovered that everything to be running as normal, and the only damage was a small hairline fracture of the casing plastic.

  5. Not a Doktor says:

    pps fucka buncha flash based innanet

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