Coway's sonic dish-cleaning wand

I hate doing dishes. My sink is filled with them; I put their scouring off as long as possible, at least until the fungal growths begin to bloom and wreak havoc with my sinuses or the first-generation egg sacks burst open and a deluge of thousands of skittering insects come swarming from my sink. Then I do the dishes... usually with a flamethrower. So for me, ultrasonic dish cleaning gadgetry is the Holy Grail of Tech. I just want to be able to lazily wave a magic cleaning wand over my sink and have everything glitter in the sun. The SMV-08AM megasonic cleaning device from Coway won't manage anything as grand that, but they do promise to eliminate "dirt and agrochemicals" from the surface of just about anything, using only water and sound waves. The water is even cleaned before it is distributed by a patented "P-Filter," which I'm sure will come as a relief to everyone. No price, unfortunately, but laziness is expensive. New megasonic cleaning device by Coway [Appliancist via Engadget]
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9 Responses to Coway's sonic dish-cleaning wand

  1. Torchwood says:

    I wonder who thought about dish washing and decided “this could be more sonic”, I personally prefer a sonic screwdriver.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Really, have you never heard of the Dishwasher? You can get a good one for 300€ and be done with your disgusting problems with fungi and insects.

  3. Agies says:

    Thanks for that image. Now I have to go do the dishes…

  4. Thad E Ginataom says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

    And not many things get that reaction from me!

    I Want One!

    Yes the idea has been around for a long time, and if you took your jewellery for a clean-up and polish it would be dunked in an ultrasonic bath, for instance, but it hasn’t really been a consumer item until lately, and this handsome piece of tough looking kit is something I want in the kitchen.

    Oh more! Please, More!

  5. Anonymous says:

    It can eliminate chemicals? Holy crap that’s clean. Now all I have to do is find dishes that aren’t made from chemicals.

  6. Thad E Ginataom says:

    Sob :(

    I just saw the company’s website.

    It is all flash, comes with music, the navigation is incomprehensible — it just horrible, and I now know I would never want to buy anything made by this company.

    It’s like… when you see that girl you just cannot take your eyes off, so you don’t, and then, after a minute or two, she lights up a cigarette.

    Complete disappointment.

    They also make digital bidets, by the way — if such an item happens to be on anybody’s shopping list.

  7. Pekar says:

    yes, but will it scratch?

  8. Enochrewt says:

    If I use this in conjunction with a dishwasher, does it mean I never have to touch the surface of a dish again?

    Will it break wine glasses (with sound, like fat opera ladies)?

  9. Dillenger69 says:

    Industrial ultrasonic sinks have been around for years. I remember cleaning parts in them back in the 80s, and they were old even then.
    this will be a good commercial application of the technology if they can keep people from breaking things.

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