Citizens still tossing too many electronics in the trash

According to an in-depth report from Reuters, people are still throwing far too many of their gadgets in the trash:
But while the percentage of old electronics thrown in the trash can dropped to 19 percent in 2007 from 21 percent in 2005, according to the association, U.S. consumers still ditch millions of device such as TVs and computers with their coffee grinds and candy wrappers.
Perhaps if there were a set day for electronics pick-ups, like is currently done in many municipalities for recycling? (Some towns have this already.) Driving to a central location or having individual pick-up for each gadget seems wasteful, too. Oh when will the Mega-Sort Reclamation Company spring into existence and disassemble and index every last bit of our garbage into its base parts? U.S. consumers still slow to recycle gadgets [Reuters]
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6 Responses to Citizens still tossing too many electronics in the trash

  1. Stefan Jones says:

    Cripes, tell me about it.

    I stop by a lot of dumpsters to toss in bags of dog crap. It is rare not to see TVs, computers, and for some reason lots of computer speakers in there.

    I take out stuff that could be reused or donated to Goodwill. I drop recyclables at Freegeek in downtown Portland.

    I’d love to see my apartment complex fine people who ditched televisions and monitors. Or maybe bit the bullet and offer to pay the recycling fee.

  2. Frank_in_Virginia says:

    I’ve been getting recycle bags with my Amazon orders. Also the USPS send one, I dropped a couple of Ink-Jet cartridges in it and put it in the out-going mail.

    Old cell phones can be recycled for support of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. They will able to use them to call 911, allowing immediate help at the touch of a button.

  3. devophill says:

    disassemble and index every last bit of our garbage into its base parts

    That’s what the economy of this place is based on.

  4. necoro says:

    I read stories about the appalling conditions in China and other countries where electronics are sent to be scrapped… people poisoning themselves and the environment to wrest out a few cents worth of metals or parts.

    Personally, I’d rather just have my stuff buried in a local landfill than that. That is, unless I can verify that equipment is being recycled responsibly (and preferably, domestically). Which isn’t always made clear when they have electronics recycling days.

  5. murray says:

    They should stop tempting us with so many damned new gadgets, and also build them to last (like the old days I’ve heard about). Then this problem wouldn’t be so bad.

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