'Re:vision' cuffs made from old camera lenses

Aussie designer Craig Arnold makes these "Re:vision" cuff bracelets out of parts from old camera lenses, perfect for the fashionable photographer. (Or pretenders to both, like myself.) They're AU $190 and up, which ain't cheap, but they look well made. Or if you're handy with a saw and grinder, you've got a fun new DIY idea. Catalog Page [Oye Modern via Cool Hunting]
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9 Responses to 'Re:vision' cuffs made from old camera lenses

  1. Davin says:

    The fourth one looks like a futuristic medical band for the psych ward. Wonderful idea, reminds me of the clever sort of things you’ll find on etsy.

  2. Latente says:

    igor, my dremel.
    soon on my flickr.

    meanwhile the photographer Keychain

  3. eevee says:


    Yes it is.

  4. Takuan says:

    I’ve got this big collection of old Pentax lenses…. I’ll never use them. Is that blasphemy?

  5. Tenn says:

    @ 6 Takuan

    Yes, it is. It most certainly certainly -is-. It’s sacrilege. Both the disuse and the contemplation I can see in your twisty little headgears.

    -Mutters about Canon having some unidentifiable problem that’s making black streaks on all her film-

  6. MartyPants says:

    F’in brilliant…maybe scalping old M8’s would make these more affordable…? ;-)

  7. HeatherB says:

    As a camera junkie I have to say I love this. Not only is it a good reuse of old lenses but it looks cool. However, I am not sure about the cost. I mean I could put that money towards a nice new camera.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, these look lovely. But I suspect you could get them cheaper if you asked Etsy to make them for you. Which I may very well do, in fact.

  9. Qozmiq says:

    Now thats what I am talking about Joel Love for the still lifers!

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