Sanyo Xacti DMX-CA8 water-proof to 10 feet, one third of the Flip Video Ultra underwater housing

Sanyo has announced another low-end Xacti, the DMX-CA8, a companion to the new CG9. It's still a VGA camera, something for which many people are dinging it, but it does manage to at least do 60FPS. And as my experience with my CG6 has shown, for quick turnarounds to the web, VGA is still just fine. But what makes the DMX-CA8 noteworthy isn't its video quality, but its ability to be used underwater up to 10 feet for up to an hour. (Don't let the time restriction trip you up; most underwater gear has the same sort of caveats from the manufacturers who like to play it safe.) Sanyo's current underwater model, the Xacti VPC-E1, is rated for depths of just five feet for 30 minutes. Now most of the reason I love my Xacti CG6 was that it was cheap — I paid $200 — and that it is small enough to be pocketable and, god forbid, disposable. Yet it still has a proper optical zoom and all the other things that a camcorder should have. I get under the water a few times a year, though, and would have loved to have gotten the VPC-E1 instead, but it wasn't worth paying twice as much. And unfortunately, the DMX-CA8 is set to be priced in the same ballpark at around $500. My friend Jason just bought a Flip Video Ultra for $170 and added the $40 underwater housing. That's about the same price as my CG6. For my purposes the CG6 is still the better choice, but it's impossible not to get a little jealous when I see epic videos he's shot like the one below. Especially since the underwater housing for the Ultra is rated to 30 feet (and will probably go deeper as long as you don't try to get the buttons to work). Akihabara News got a hands-on with the DMX-CA8, although like the CG9 there's not a whole lot to it. If nothing else, perhaps the mid-year launch of the DMX-CA8 will force the price of the VPC-E1 down into a range where buying one — and then watching it sink into the abyss — won't be so painful. The All New Sanyo DMX-CA8 Waterproof [ via Gizmodo]
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6 Responses to Sanyo Xacti DMX-CA8 water-proof to 10 feet, one third of the Flip Video Ultra underwater housing

  1. Jason says:

    I paid $140 for the Flip Ultra. Total cost, all in was around $190 for the Flip and the UW case.

    The case will likely not implode, they tend to use the camera itself as part of the bracing for the case and I’ve found them to be pretty tough. I’ve used Olympus, Panasonic and Ikelite clear cases and below their rated depth the buttons just seem to get stuck in.

    THAT IS NOT TO SAY I HAVE NEVER SEEN A HOUSING FLOOD. I see it all the time, be careful – it just hasn’t happened to me. I tend to travel with 2 cameras and 2 housings when diving, generally I end up loaning one out to another diver who had an accident, but someday that diver will be me.

  2. Qozmiq says:

    Well, I guess BB and G.BB is all about what its creators think is relevant, not what its viewing public does. Still cameras just too boring? I don’t think your viewing public agrees…

  3. Qozmiq says:

    In addition to the continual Sanyo product updates, it would be nice to see what is going on in the rest of the cam world, both video and photo. So many gadgets, so little time…

    • Joel Johnson says:

      I am a bit Xacti obsessed right now, but it’s mostly just on the CG6. All the other flash-based stuff is either too expensive or — if it’s a still camera — just too boring.

  4. Scuba SM says:

    BTW, I wouldn’t try pushing the depth ratings on camera housings. Leaks aren’t the only concern. That housing looks like it fits the camera fairly snuggly, so once you exceed the rated depth, the housing may flex in a way that presses buttons, or presses on the screen, etc. If you go too deep, depending on where the failure point ends up, instead of leaking, it may simply implode. That is not a pleasant or particularly safe experience.

    Just remember, every 33 feet down, the pressure increases by another atmosphere.

  5. dculberson says:

    Qozmiq, yes, I think this site is about what it’s creators enjoy. Perhaps you might like dpreviews? They cover a lot of digital still cameras.

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