Sunview handheld media player has built-in pico-projector

There's not much to recommend the SunView PMP Projector (PMPP), a pedestrian and chunky media player that runs Windows CE, except...a built-in "pico-projector" that will shoot a 53-inch VGA image onto any available flat surface. Now it's not a very bright image at that size — just 9 lux, just shy of one footcandle (to use a modern measurement) — which means you'll only be using this in a darkened environment. But it's the notion that counts. While these tiny LED-based projectors won't be replacing LCD screens in our gadgets any time soon, it's reasonable to think that in the next few years they could become as ubiquitous as the tiny, crappy cameras we now expect to see in almost every device we own. The PMP Projector is available now through your preferred outlet for obscure Chinese equipments. World’s First Commercial Portable Product with Integrated Pico-Projector Unveiled in Hong Kong [Display Daily via Gearlog]
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3 Responses to Sunview handheld media player has built-in pico-projector

  1. Agent 86 says:

    #2, I’m just waiting for gadgets to start using head-tracking with their “tiny, crappy cameras” to create a faux-holographic effect. Cheap, and with basically the same end result.

  2. murray says:

    And so it begins.

    Not too long before we’ll be seeing these in PDAs and smart phones, I reckon. Pretty darned nifty.

    Now if they can just work out the holographic projector. Help me Obi-wan…

  3. mdhatter says:

    increase the resolution by an order of magnitude, as well as the lumens, and put that projector in a bigger iTouch (about 4x the surface areas), support wireless QWERTY and I will be a very happy camper.

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