I Want You to Want Me: One of the most touching interactive art pieces I've ever not actually seen

Despite having nothing to do with Cheap Trick at all — except for the cheap trick we all play on ourselves believing there is anything unique or selfish about the need to love and to be loved — "I Want You to Want Me" is an interactive art project built from data mined from various dating sites, organizing into a heart-achingly beautiful touchscreen presentation where each person is represented as a balloon. It was one of the pieces at MoMA's "Design and the Elastic Mind" show, which is apparently no longer on display. I'm kicking myself for missing it. [via Cool Hunting]
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7 Responses to I Want You to Want Me: One of the most touching interactive art pieces I've ever not actually seen

  1. whitetail says:

    really amazing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    what is the song in the background?

  3. Waffles says:

    I really dug that video. The contrast between the non-serious, informative tone of the developers and the noise from the crowd contrasted with the touching Stars loop and the great editing took what is really a cool art project and turned it into a really somber look at human life.

    The idea of someone casually stepping up and (ideally) perfectly pairing two lonely people together and these two a) never know it or b) live on opposite sides of globe is a really depressing.

  4. jimjambandit says:

    Yeah, its depressing, but it’s also what makes it so cool when you find someone right? it’s a fantastic piece, I hope it tours or something, would love to see it live

  5. Anonymous says:

    MoMA site says it’s available through May 12, no?

  6. Anonymous says:

    reminded me of a talk I’ve seen on ted website: “Jonathan Harris: The Web’s secret stories” : http://www.ted.com/talks/view/id/144

  7. KurtMac says:

    Wow. I so would have gotten an ‘A+’ if I created something like that for my Arts Technology major in college.

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