Create your own Super Blockquote!

Last week, we gave you the chance to smash corporate duckspeak with Super Blockquote. We'd intended to wheel it out now and again to make fun of press releases, but due to popular demand, we're just going to release it into the wild–you can specify the quote it displays. The easiest way to roll your own is to use this simple widget: A better version with power-ups, better physics and dying is on its way.

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6 Responses to Create your own Super Blockquote!

  1. Rob Beschizza says:

    Nice idea! There are all sorts of novel uses. You could make an entire blog using this for all your posts! A very irritating blog.

  2. se7a7n7 says:

    Pretty Cool.

    FYI, you have to copy and paste the embeded code into a webpage… for instance, you could paste the code into your myspace page.

    You really do need to have a large quotation to get the best effect because the words come out in regular font. So a paragraph or more is better.

    I can’t wait to throw this into some ebay auctions!!!

  3. nex says:

    I type in my quote and nothing happens. Boo!

  4. Rob Beschizza says:

    Is it a very short quote? It won’t turn on until you have punched in 10 characters.

    Here’s the raw embed code: just customize the variable “customQuote” in both theand embed code.

    Use + instead of space

  5. nex says:

    That was it, Rob. Thanks! Of course it’s obvious that typing in a single word doesn’t make sense with this … it’s just that back then I had no idea what this thing even does :-) Neither the original post nor this one give any indication that you’re supposed to click on the Flash object, so I never did.

    The only effect I noticed was that the quote’s text is rendered worse than in, say, Windows 3.1. With Flash Player set to ‘High Quality’. I guess this subconsciously told me to scroll on quickly instead of poking at this mysterious thing that makes my eyes hurt so much.

  6. Rob Beschizza says:

    Alas, it strips it.

    Anyway, the thing should work fine, just type a longer quote.

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