SleepPhones are headphones in a headband

You should not pay $60 for the "SleepPhones Sleep Aid System." Yes, it's a headband that has headphones built-in. Yes, they include a CD with "binaural beats technology." I know, I know — the bag of "premium quality lavender" is enticing. But here's the thing: you can just wear regular ear buds and put a two-dollar headband over them. Okay, fine, maybe the SleepPhones are a little more comfortable than that, but I fall asleep with headphones on all the time. Besides that time I spilled corrosive cough syrup all over the jute cord I keep clothes-pined to my eyelids and I woke up with the cab of my truck filled with orphan and bus parts, I've never had any problems with comfort at all. Product Page []
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10 Responses to SleepPhones are headphones in a headband

  1. Anonymous says:

    and I woke up with the cab of my truck filled with orphan and bus parts

    Orphaned, or orphan and? Either way, it’s great.

  2. Dan Wineman says:

    Orphan parts?

  3. kcronin says:

    There’s no way I could sleep with earbuds. I did a spontaneous little “informercial” for the SleepPhones at a dance festival I went to. They save me at those events b/c people get up in the morning and make noise and I’m immediately up. I go to sleep with the latest night owl and get up with the earliest early bird. NOW I can actually get some sleep. I agree that sleeping with noise all the time could possible have some negative consequences but I only wear them in these environments. I sometimes also put in ear plugs for the extra protection.

    You can get a dollar off here:

  4. Lonin says:

    Crazy, I was just thinking about needing something like this after my new puppy decided that my Sennhesier’s needed a shorter cord about 2 hours ago.

    Like Mr. Crayons, ear buds are already uncomfortable for me, so I can’t imagine sleeping on them. That said, if I had a DIY bone in my body, it seems it would be fairly easy to take a pair of cheap headphones with small/thin earpieces and stick them inside of a nice padded headband.

  5. i_eat_crayons says:

    “you can just wear regular ear buds and put a two-dollar headband over them.”

    this sounds like medieval torture to me. maybe I have small ear holes or something, but it would be worth far more than 60 dollars to avoid that scenario if I had any interest in “sleep headphones”.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I like this concept as I used to sleep with ear buds in all the time in college and found it to be uncomfortable. At the time I owned a sobakawa pillow which allowed me to mold a space around the ear bud, but ultimately I’d wake up in another position with a mild throbbing pain in my ear.

    I’m a tad skeptical of this product though. Maybe we should wait for iPod to come out with a better version of this.

  7. Anonymous says:

    better if it were also an eyemask

  8. Leonard Low says:

    It probably isn’t a great idea to go to sleep with earbuds in or this headband. Extended exposure to an auditory stimulus like this is almost certain to cause hearing damage. I’m living proof: I used to go to sleep almost every night with headphones on (not even earbuds, which are even worse for you) and within a few years a routine check-up revealed a permanent 15% loss of hearing in both ears, across all frequencies.

    I never attended rock concerts or had loud music playing – so this is the only major risk factor to which my hearing loss can be attributed, I’m afraid.

  9. schwal says:

    I cant find a link but Brookstone sells an eye mask with built in headphones for around 20 bucks.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had the SleepPhones for a year and a half now and love them. Often, while sleeping, they will slide down over my eyes = presto instant eye mask. The one problem, though, that I have with them is the cord. I don’t particularly want my iPod that close to my head while sleeping and when I roll over I get tangled in the cord. I recently broke the jack and now I need to buy a new one.

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