SOlo solar lounge table is weather-proof and attractive exactly like I am not; Updated with price, availability

The SOlo Lounge Table is a weatherproof table topped with a solar array that charges an internal battery that can charge laptops, phones, and more. It has a Bluetooth connection that can send updates on its status to computers indoors and has a sliding drawer in which gadgets can be left to charge safe from inclement weather. (And now, they won't be getting much charging then, but it's still clever.) There's no price listed on the page of Intelligent Forms, but I contacted one of the designers who will be following up with us later to give some more details about the table. I'm sure it's not cheap, but it sure is purdy. Product Page [Intelligent Forms via Gizmodo via Born Rich] Update: Just talked to Keith Doyle, a co-founder of Intelligent Forms. Here are the details on the table: • Currently built-to-order, four to six weeks for delivery. • Lots of interest since shown at the show. • Price is $14k. • German company Schuco built a custom table chassis for the product. • Off-the-shelf solar panels are wired in series, but the one used in the SOlo is "sub-divided into smaller systems of cells in parallel. If you shade one, you're only reducing [the output of] part of the panel."
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