VelociRaptor the fastest hard drive in the Western Digital line

Western Digital is announcing a new line of high-end consumer hard drives today to supplant their "Raptor" line. The new SATA2 drives spin at 10,000 RPM and are available in sizes up to 300GB. But what I am most tickled by is this line from the press release email, which paints a much more entertaining picture than marketroid speak typically allows: "In short, there‚Äôs a new Sheriff in town and its name is VelociRaptor." The VelociRaptor drives are also 2.5-inch — laptop-sized — but are then put in an "IcePack" mounting frame that includes a heat sink. I don't know if that means we'll be seeing these drives in laptops soon, too. You can expect the VelociRaptor in mid-May for $300. Image: PBF Comics
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2 Responses to VelociRaptor the fastest hard drive in the Western Digital line

  1. giantnegro says:

    Something tells me a 10 KRPM hard drive in a laptop is a bad idea. A bad idea that I’m going to jump all over if will actually fit in my machine!

    Seriously, awful power consumption, loads of noise, and I’m sure reduced durability have got to make this a poor choice for a laptop HD.

  2. Gloria says:

    Sweet choice of image!

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