Beauty and the Geek keyboard pants

I don't think I could wear these "Beauty and the Geek" jeans by designer Erik De Nijs. They've certainly got some serious nerd cred, with speakers sewn into the knees, a special back pocket for your mouse and a joystick controller located behind the zipper.. But they really seem to be designed more for women — for whom typing a long sentence full of titillating "G"s will never be more arousing — than for men (slap that space bar gingerly, champ). The Geekiest Pants... Ever [Vous Pensez]
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4 Responses to Beauty and the Geek keyboard pants

  1. John Brownlee says:

    It’s there, it is just more subtle!

  2. darsal says:

    How is having a joystick behind the zipper any different from other pants for guys?

    Sorry, but that’s just one example of this gag’s high joke-per-concept ratio. Add in the “rodent storage in the rear” and the location of the G key, and this idea goes from prototype to punchline far too fast…

    (I do like the stitching detail though – even without the I/O touches, I’d think about buying pants with that styling.)

  3. Fnarf says:

    An ergonomic disaster, though.

  4. fsck says:

    John – I assume you purposely avoided the obvious “G-Spot” gag? Shame on you! ;-)

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