Brazilian chavs hack ATM with Eee PC

In Terminator II, it was the Atari Portfolio that hacked ATMs. In Brazil, it is the Asus Eee. Scallywags damaged the nearby cash machines to funnel passers-by to their rigged one, into which was stuffed a subnotebook and all the accouterments required to steal card numbers and customer details. High-tech, yes, but hardly ingenious, given that they didn't do anything to hide their own identities from nearby closed-circuit cameras. Globo reports that the thieves, arrested in Rio Grande do Sul, are members of a card-cloning gang. They were caught when the bank manager looked at security tapes–from the original story, it appears he simply found it a little odd that the bank was ransacked and most of the ATMs rendered nonoperational during the night. Source [GloboTV] Machine Translation [Google] Direct link to video

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4 Responses to Brazilian chavs hack ATM with Eee PC

  1. mdhatter says:

    I think in Brazil they hack Central Services.

  2. Rob Beschizza says:

    Our contestant Mark steps up to the plate. Which word will he choose to claim is misspelled?

    For 10 points, he can select scallywag, a modern bastardization long-divorced from a 19th century political milieu that no-one could conceivably care about in the context of Brazilian ATM thieves.

    For 5 points, he can moan about subnotebook, a disgusting but useful 21st century construction used to refer to small, lightweight laptops.

    For -5 points he can hit up “accouterment,” which will just make him look as stupid as a spellchecker.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Actually it says the manager was just passing by the bank – it was Saturday – when he noticed it had been broken into, and decided to stop and watch the security tapes.

    Also the headline wasn’t even the scam or the method – they focus on the fact that one of the thieves had a car accident, went to the traffic authority to report it and was recognized by one of the clerks and arrested, even before the police started looking for the rest of the gang.

  4. mark says:

    Are posts not checked for spelling at all?

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