Dell's Bamboo PC is tip of an iceberg of cool designs

Dell's Bamboo-cased mini-PC is about the most beautiful thing the company–often derided as the dullest of PC manufacturers–has produced. Ostensibly an eco-friendly thing, this wooden machine's real appeal is its simple, tasteful appearance. Of course, it will also be available in standard-issue plastic. At CES this year, Dell gave me and other writers a look at prototypes it probably will never take to market. These devices were universally gorgeous, inventive and cleverly designed. The only thing from this team/division to see the light of day, I think, is the crystal LCD monitor that's now getting some unfortunate reviews. Dell's new computer, specs undisclosed, will be available later this year at a "likely" price of $500-$700. Specs will be important: if this has decent storage, HDMI and an optical drive, it'll be a hot item. If it's just another low-end desktop that's bigger than and just as pricey as the Mac Mini, it won't. Pictures of Dell's Eco Bamboo Computer [Earth2Tech]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This idea was stolen from a local Austin businessman

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