Monocycle is the chariot of choice for the 21st Century Man

For me, the monocycle — in which a cyclist bestowed with a bitching sense of equilibrium (and, god willing, a waxed handlebar moustache) pedals his velocipede from inside the rim of its enormous solitary wheel — is the paragon of cycling technology, and so Ben Wilson's incredible monowheel, commissioned for Tokyo's 21st Century Man competition, has me feeling a bit like a antediluvian pleb for getting around on the pitiful conveyance of a two-wheel vehicle. “We don’’t suggest for one moment that a functioning human powered monowheel could ever provide an improvement on the modern bicycle," claims Wilson. Says you. Man, some people just don't deserve cool things. Monowheel by Ben Wilson [Dezeen]
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6 Responses to Monocycle is the chariot of choice for the 21st Century Man

  1. liquis says:

    Now, I think these instruments are incredibly cool, however I’ve heard they are also extremely difficult, akin to riding a unicycle. I’ve seen some with training wheels, that may be key at least for learning how to do it.

    now, check this out:

  2. dustbuster7000 says:

    I think this one would also be very tiring. Think about where his bum is going to want to go when he pushes the pedal with his foot. The only thing stopping that would be the strange shiny coil thing behind him (whatever it is) and his arms holding the handle bars. Since said coil doesn’t look like it would be very helpful, you’d spend the whole time you were pedaling clinging on with your arms to stop yourself from being unseated. Which is why recumbents have full-backed seats in them. Pretty, but not really functional.

  3. Dillenger69 says:

    This reminds me of Mr Garrison’s vehicle from South Park.

  4. Paula Wirth says:

    I just saw this in Tokyo at the Exhibition 3 “XXIst Century Man” directed by Miyake Issey, at 21_21 Design Site (Museum in The Roppongi area).

    The actual building of the gallery, designed by architect Tadao Ando, was the most interesting aspect of the exhibit… took some pictures of the architecture and signage for the show.

    For more info on the show, visit
    and the gallery:

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