Camel "Crush" cigarettes spray menthol from internal capsule

First tested in Japan under the "Kool Boost" brand, a new cigarette from RJ Reynolds will include a tiny menthol "powerball" in the filter that, when squished, will infuse the entire filter with lung-numbing flavor. They'll be sold under the "Camel Crush" brand and are being tested in a few markets. Trends in Japan explains why testing cigarettes in Japan works better than testing in the States:
Back in the U.S., people will actually ask someone for a cigarette and then decline it when it’s the wrong brand, but Japanese are far more willing to switch brands for any number of reasons: Cool packaging, freebies, product modifications, limited editions, etc. Sure, the older generation of salarymen stick to their Mild Sevens, but young people treat cigarettes like they do any other FMCG. After all, who wants to drink the same brand of coffee their whole lives?
Camel Crush cigarettes tested in Japan? []
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66 Responses to Camel "Crush" cigarettes spray menthol from internal capsule

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m gonna fill my capsules with LSD and go to a party!

  2. Anonymous says:

    They are hitting virginia bar’s now, I’ll smoke anything, It’s nice now to have one cig of both world’s, good thinking, camel!

  3. SkippyJ says:

    I had a friend bring me a few packs from Philly. I love em. Start out as a light, end as a menthol. Love the strong menthol flavor that cools you down to your tonsils. I need to find someone to mail me a carton. Don’t want to wait for them to go national. I like being the only kid in town with the “cool smokes.”

  4. Rachel says:

    Some of the comments on this board are so stupid. Like I am sure some 14 year old had to get checked for cancer because she smoked a pack of Crush’s, that’s just ridiculous. Sure we all know smoking causes cancer, but even if the girl smoked for a couple years now, chances are the smokes aren’t to blame. Sadly I started smoking in the 7th Grade (I’m now 23) and believe me, even if there were no changes or updates in cig’s EVER again, kids would still smoke. It’s also funny how its so obvious people leave comments as themselves and then leave another one pretending to agree with them using the same grammer, punctuation, vocabulary, etc. People are so weird. But as far as Crush’s go, I smoke Newps, and I love Crush’s. They’re great if you’re tight on cash and want to split a pack with a non-menthol smoker. Why didn’t I think of this years ago? And yeah, they def. need to come out with added flavored ones.

  5. the balck kid says:

    it doesnt say anything about not eatin the lil bastard..but i do warn you all if you do ingest it…its a rush of menthol. its way over powering by itself….yes i ate one..been about 2 months since i think..idr …..but i seem ok…. o.o

  6. Anonymous says:

    i LOVE camel frost ciggs. however, since i’ve smoked them i have had a sore throat that i can’t seem to get rid of. i never had that smoking marlboro..just a thought..

  7. MizzGonzalez21 says:

    I’ve smoked about a carton of these, and I have not gotten bored of them yet. They taste really good and you can always change it if you get bored of it. I love these, because unlike the Marb. Smooths, they aren’t as harsh to smoke when its cold out, they don’t tug @ your lungs. My husband agrees that these aren’t as strong, but still very very good and very smooth=]

  8. Anonymous says:

    they oonly sold in pennsylvania right now, but a carton accidently got shipped to a sheetz here in virginia and i bought a pack. They’re pretty good. I can’t wait for them to be sold nation wide.

  9. Anonymous says:

    haha yeah if you eat that shit, its like eating a little ball of death. and i thought it did say something about not eating it. idk i may be wrong.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I smoked two of them back in May. I worked at a Citco, and the RJ Renolds rep gave them to me and the girl working there. The first one I smoked normally for a few puffs, and then switched it to menthol. For anybody who likes menthol, it’s much fresher and stronger than other menthols, even Kools. The second one, I popped the filter and then didn’t smoke it for several hours. Surprisingly, this was one of the best cigs I’ve ever smoked.

  11. Anonymous says:

    omg… filling the capsules with drugs sound like such an AWESOME idea!!! the LSD comment is fucking ingenious… any way they sound quite delectable… cant wait for the nation wide sales breech!

  12. jaxsonsmami says:

    So I live in Michigan and heard about these in the beggining of the month, and I have been waiting patiently, but still cant find these frigin smokes!!! Where the hell are they?

  13. Falcon_Seven says:

    Does anyone remember ‘Waterford” cigarettes? They had little beads in the ‘pinch filter” that broke when crushed -like this product- wetting the cellulose filter to produce that ‘turkish tobacco’ flavor. Smooth.

  14. Anonymous says:

    My friends and I tried the camel crush and we love them.. It is so awesome

  15. mdh says:

    I dip my smokes in Lik-M-Aid.

    Mmmmm. Grapey.

    Same difference.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hey my name’s Stephen ([email redacted for spam proteciton; post it again if you really want it up.]). My friend in Virginia got a pack of these, and then I got them the next time I went back to 7-11. They were the same price as Camel Lights, $3.89 I think. I change cigarette types a lot, usually between Camel Lights/Menthol, Kamel Lights, Parliment Lights/Menthol Lights (or P-Funks as I like to call them), Newport, and Winston Lights (to name a few).

    So since I switch back and forth from menthol already, this sounded great. I just moved from VA to NY so I bought a carton for the ride (just kidding, I smoke ~12 cigs a day). I have about four packs left from the carton now, and I have been enjoying it the whole way. I think I might switch to these as my regular, since they seem cheaper and more accessible than Kamels (which are my current preferred cigarette). I’m not sure, but I would think it would be a healthier way to do menthol than mentholated tobacco, like Newport, Camel M. Light etc.

    People haved asked me about them, they’re sort of a party trick. If someone wants to bum one but doesn’t like menthol, I tell them it tastes kind of like Camel Turkish cigarettes. The taste is a little too sweet for me maybe, and I wish they were a little lighter. The little menthol bubble in the filter can be kind of hard to break sometimes, but you get used to it. Anyway, I like them. I hope the price doesn’t go up though, I’m expecting it probably will unless they get really popular like Camel Lights.


  17. rompecorazones says:

    I like to roll out the tobacco and stuff them with oregano.

  18. Anonymous says:

    question to anyone who lives in a market where theses are on sale. are camel crush priced any higher than the other normal and menthol brands? or is it about the same price?

  19. Anonymous says:

    I found them in michigan today, smoking one now. they are good.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Me and my friends r underage but all of us smoke them all the time and we love them i personally am insanely addicted to crush if i smoke enything else i puke
    Crush rule

  21. Anonymous says:

    I’m actually smoking a camel crush at this very moment. without crushing them they taste like a normal cigarette, and then when you do crush, its a strong, smooth menthol. i like them, as well as the camel #9 menthol. only set back is that cigarettes here(new york) are so damned expensive. its about $6.50 or so a pack, and in some places as high as $7.00. but i suppose i have taxes to thank for that.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Aug 25. Been waiting for this day for almost 2 months they start to sell in ohio or at least where i buy my cigs. Going to go get them today and i hope they are as great as everyone says.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I like the camel crush. i usually smoke newports and a friend of mine had a pack of these. he let me try one because i was on my way to get newports….and he had me try the cigarette before he broke the menthol ball….and it tasted like AIR but then he broke it and i was like…wat the hell was that..he told me to try it..and i was like WHOA….i think its better than a newport…and like someone above stated …. it doesnt “tug” at your lungs…i like these alot better than newports…and they dont make me gag like newports do sometimes

  24. JacksonC9113 says:

    Can i send any one in pa the money to buy me a carton. Then you can mail it to me i just have to get them now before everybody else does lol.

    email me at

    I would greatly apreciate it.

  25. Sam says:

    American spirit menthols have a minty cache of carbon granules for this very same reason. It doesn’t get wet or anything, though.

    You just make it sound so dirty.

    Where’s my lighter?

  26. Anonymous says:

    I live in Philly, and signed up with camel to get free stuff like the zippo lighters or the nice cig case with the lighter inside, I’m not an avid smoker…but it goes well with a nice drink. Well I purchased a pack and got one free with the coupon and I JUST tried it…it’s rather weird. As soon as I squeezed the filter I heard a crack and out came the menthol. It’s rather strong for me, being that I smoke Parliament menthol ultra lights. Don’t think I’d buy another pack.

  27. w000t says:

    Also available in cyanide for the international secret agent set.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I just went on a trip thru FL GA NC SC VA MD PA OH and WV and they were all the same price as regular camels.

  29. nabru says:

    Funny, I just bought my first pack of Menthols this weekend. Is it suppose to numb your lips? Bright side is that I have a great minty taste in my mouth.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I live in NY a couple hours north of the NYC. I saw a poster for this a few weeks ago and kinda put it in the back of my mind to look it up-never did. happened to stand in line this am at Cumby’s and saw the attractive black pack and thought what the hell-i usally smoke newport mediums but really used to like the camel turkish jade blend way back. i do not like regular cigs-and will not even bum a regular if that is all there is so i immediatly crushed it as soon as i lit it. it was so minty that it suprised me! almost like i had a candy or tic tac or something. lingers in your mouth after for a while. not bad-definitly different but you have to like mint. price was the same i think-didnt really pay attention.
    let me know if anyone is still looking.

  31. Anonymous says:

    hmm… The little strange blue ball appears edible… Any warning on them about not ingesting the little fucker?

  32. Anonymous says:

    I just got me a pack i “stopped” smoking but these dont leave that bad aftertaste in my mouth like reg and menthols do. I break the capsule and all i taste is the menthol with no cotton mouth at the end ingenious idea. Smart packaging too. (I live in florida btw. Circle K sells them here.)

  33. Anonymous says:

    lol… who ever has the patent for this product is a genious… can you think of all the possibilities there are. I searched and found out that the patent isn’t specifically just for “Menthol” flavoring, its patenting the method of which the menthol flavor is introduced, it also states that there may be more than just one crushable capsule added to the filter.

    Who ever came up with this is going to be pretty well off. It seems like the patent is directed at the idea of more of these being made. Not just menthol flavors, but flavors in general… So lets say we have a regular ciggarette, theres 2 crush balls in it to change the flavor. You can smoke some, then crush the first one which modifies the current flavor. Then later on you can crush the second one which further modifies the flavor.

    The best part about this is I highly doubt they will just stick with menthol flavoring. They can probably manage to flavor them how ever the hell they want. I could even see stupid exotic flavors like cherry, strawberry, mango etc etc etc… or simply just taking prexisting flavors and mixing them together. So in essence its a “Flavor Modifier”. I look forward to seeing what else they will come up with, Camel Crush’s are just a test, since menthol is already a commonly accepted flavor. Seriously, genious idea.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Here is the thing, it’s another way that kids will get hooked, I am 14 and the people at my school saw this and had my friend buy them a pack, I admit I quit smoking 3 months ago, this ALMOST got he hooked again. Kids want anything that will make smoking cool and now you FUCKTARDS have just made it cooler! 5 of my friends smoke it and they are the same age as me! I mean DAMNIT one of my girls had to get check for CANCER! SO TO AMERICA AND CAMEL, FUCK YOU!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Seriously these cigarettes are pretty cool. Start out like a regular cigarette and then just crush the bead and the menthol kicks in and tastes just like a menthol. it’s a good way to get the taste of cigarettes out of your mouth.

  36. Anonymous says:

    this is an awesome idea. i wonder where this could go… perhaps crush cigs that are flavored??? that would be awesome

  37. Tenn says:

    As though menthols need anything more to make them disgusting.

  38. jadeddissonance says:

    I live in Chicago, and I got to try one of these back in October. I made nice with a camel rep, and she let me try one. It was impressive, tasted like a camel light and as soon as squeezed the end, it was a menthol! It’s good for a nice menthol finish to an otherwise normal smoke. Kinda strange, somewhat intriguing.

  39. tangent1 says:

    I just tried two from a camel rep and they are very good the regular camel flavor from the crush is just that a regular camel with no menthol. after you break the bead it transforms into a powerful menthol witch I like actually better than my usual brand of menthol, I think they rule. (can I bum a smoke reg or menthol you will be the man.) Oh and they are nothing like American spirit those are always menthol, not even close to this product.

  40. tangent1 says:

    I just tried two from a camel rep and they are very good the regular camel flavor from the crush is just that a regular camel with no menthol. after you break the bead it transforms into a powerful menthol witch I like actually better than my usual brand of menthol, I think they rule. (can I bum a smoke reg or menthol you will be the man.) Oh and they are nothing like American spirit those are always menthol, not even close to this product.

  41. Anonymous says:

    flavored cigs…lol just go smoke some hookah shisha…

  42. Anonymous says:

    OMGOSH!!!! i tried the crush cigarettes..LOVE them!! i love menthols just not the bad stuff that comes with it/in it. this is the perfect cigarette!! thank you to the brilliant minds who came up with this!!! [=

  43. Anonymous says:

    Everyone making the LSD comments are stupid. LSD disintegrates and becomes nothing at 98 degrees Fahrenheit, douche bags.

  44. Anonymous says:

    man camel crush is the best cigarettes ever i have a whole pack right now an they are the best ever i liked normal camels till tryed these because the bust of menthol when you squeeze the camel is way better than the normal camels! i love them an thats all i smoke now!

  45. Michael Turner says:

    I like this for the simple fact that I do not ALWAYS want a menthol….But I do not ALWAYS want a regular either…so with this I can have my choice at any given time whether it be menthol or regular..its ingenious.

  46. Anonymous says:

    go get an e-cigarette… much cheaper… less smelly… much healthier… TONS of flavors (almost any you would want)… and you can smoke them anywhere. I haven’t smoked for two weeks and I was a 2pack a day smoker for 8-9years. Please consider it.

  47. Thuban says:

    I am trying to quit, so I alternate between Marlbro mediums and Mild. Menthol cigarettes in general make me a little sick to my stomach. While i was debating if i wanted menthol or regular, the cashier suggested these. I have smoked about half the pack so far, and I do like them.

    The menthol is very strong,cools your mouth and the menthol effect lasts a good while after you smoke it (I tend to light up as soon as i can’t taste it anymore, so this is a good thing for me, since I am smoking less).

    My only major complaint is that the menthol tends to trigger my migraines, unlike normal menthol cigarettes. I wonder if there is an additional chemical in the capsule that does this.

  48. Anonymous says:

    can you smoke the liquid ball i a camel crush????????? on herbal smoke

  49. Anonymous says:

    they are great weather your want a light or a menthol full and they dont burn like crazy in cold weather like most menthols do was 25 degrees here last night i was outside smoking had 3 before i had to stop (the menthol gives me a slight buzz). and they are the same price as most other camel brand ciggarettes. they go great with alcohol. i usually dont smoke much because the smoke burns my lungs havent had that problem with these.

  50. Anonymous says:

    It’s worth noting that on a Camel Crush, due to the location of the menthol bead inside the filter, the laser drilled holes in the filter are in a different position (closer to the tobacco), whereas in most cigarettes with laser holes, the holes are about at the midway point in the filter.

    The difference is significant because any smoke will be considerably stronger if these holes are covered by the fingers during smoking. For those who think the smoke is too strong, watch where you’re holding it (it happened to me with this particular variety).

  51. Anonymous says:

    i love them! we were pissed at first but then we read the box and we LOVED them, we’ve switched our brand of cigarettes cuz we is now ballin outta control wit our freggin camel crush ciggss, MY NIIIGGA.

    PS-we asked for a pack of methols got these and seriously almost returned them, but then we LOVEDDD them.

    props japann.

  52. Whatsthediffernce2008 says:

    Hey these ciggs sound really cool, wish i could get my hands on some…..anyone in PA want to send me a carton for cash e-mail me at

  53. Anonymous says:

    When I first bought these, they were good. I’m on my second packet (non-chain smoker), and I’m boy-cotting these babies. Every since I started smoking them, my gums have been sore, and today started bleeding. They also make me feel like shit. I don’t know if I really like the menthol idea. For a cigarette, they’re good, but although smoking is horrible for your health anyway, these make me very leary.

  54. Anonymous says:

    They are actually very good cigarettes imo… Now if only they could make it so you could switch back in case you change your mind :P

  55. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been an avid smoker for about 5 or 6 years now, and honestly, Camel Crushes are a no-go. I’m on my second pack, and seriously, they’re great for a little bit, but now they’re just gross. I don’t know what’s with these cigarettes, but they seriously make my gums extremely sore, and today they were bleeding, and this has NEVER happened to me before. My best friend and I are boy boy-cotting them and sticking with the Frosts, and Marlboro Menthol lights, because she doesn’t like them either anymore. Cool concept, but even though all cigarettes aren’t healthy for you, I don’t trust these at all. They make me very leery.

  56. NoJesus4u says:

    I swear they were thinking of me when they made these. I tend to swap between Marlboro mediums/camel lights and newports/kools (i like all 4, i usually buy whats cheapest or have a good promo going, i live for buy 1 get 1 free)). I prefer menthols but they kick me in the ass if i smoke them too regularly.

  57. bob612 says:

    Skippy J,
    I live in PA did anyone ever get you your smokes?

  58. Anonymous says:

    they started selling them at the 7-11 i work at, they are the best cigarettes i have ever tried. they just got shipped to ohio today, apparently,
    but it has been well worth the wait. they would make 3 times the money if they made them ALREADY menthol, and then added fruity flavors, such as mango, peach etc

  59. Anonymous says:

    Camel crush owns, like no other I think I got my brand of smokes. Hope more flavors are being made right at this very moment!

  60. Anonymous says:

    They are being sold in Hawaii right now at 7-11 .

  61. Anonymous says:

    I smoke(d) Marlboro 100’s and tried Camel Crush a week ago..I LOVED them..It’s a smooth cigarette..The funny thing is I HATE menthols, but the flavor of this is mild and nice, and I have totally switched over to them now. I smoke a few puffs before I “crush” it into menthol..The only way they can make these better is to make a 100’s version of them!

  62. TammyInTx says:

    The crushed capsule is like Vicks, Great for a sore throat. Its the only kind I can smoke without coughing with my bronchitis. Maybe after the bronchitis is gone I can go back to Marlboro’s.

  63. Anonymous says:

    I tried these camels today for the first time and I was the first to buy these at my local gas station and they were sold out after getting a shipment last night after 9 hours but anyway these cigarettes rock they are one of the smartest ideas to come from cigarette companies I hope these cigarettes last forever ps a pothead had to of invented these cause usually when you are stoned you crave a stronger cigarette than what you would normally smoke and now you can have the best of both worlds

  64. theresa imhoff says:

    I dont really know how to paten something so Ill run this idea by you.I think adding flavor to your crush cigs would by great.with the menthol add grape,orange ect……everyone is really into flavoring things.please get back with me.5134224926.thanks

  65. drkvamp says:

    I am an avid fan of Camel ciggarettes, and have been for 12 years now. When I started smoking it was nothing but Marlboro lights for me.. Then one day someone forced me to try ( actually I was out and it was all they had) a Camel special light.. That was my brand straight until I quit 2 years ago…

    I went a year without smoking anything at all, and then got hit with all kinds of problems and returned to my crux.. Of course I didn’t want anyone to know I was smoking so I bought single ciggarettes at a local store.. 35 cents for a newport.. YES I KNOW IT IS ILLEGAL TO SELL SINGLES…

    I noticed the more I smoked menthol that I could not enjoy a regular ciggarette.. Bleh I thought.. Finally my wife said she knew I had been smoking and wasn’t going to nag me if I bought a pack.. I bought newports and went on my merry way.. Until my wife started making fun of me.. The way I used to make fun of people who smoked Menthol..

    Then I saw Camel Crush… I thought.. Ah, well I will give it a try..

    I absolutely adore them.. Before crushing they taste exactly like a Camel Special Light, after crushing they taste like the best Menthol ciggarette in teh world.. Since they do not sell Camel Special Lights anymore.. This is my new preferred brand..

    And of course… I love the black and blue package..

    As far as kids smoking, ( most of the comments here were made by kids, you can tell by the grammar and punctuation..) STOP.. STOP WHILE YOU HAVE THE CHANCE.. seriously. I know the Camel Company doesn’t want to hear that but it is the truth. They make enough products now to be rich beyond most peoples dreams just from the 10,thousand people who already smoke.

    I was a football player in high school.. Got kicked off the team for smoking.. I never understood why.. As a kid I could not see the harm of it. When I grew up and noticed that my lungs were so bad I couldn’t walk half a mile.. .I started to see the bad of smoking..

    Still, if you are going to smoke.. Go with Camel, they are a cleaner tobacco than Marlboro. Even though smoking is not good for anyone at all, if you can smoke camel for a month, and then go back to Marlboro you will taste the horrid chemicals they add.

    Even now I can not smoke a marlboro. They taste like embalming fluid..

    So yeah.. anyway.. Camel Crush rocks.. and until I finally succeed in quitting for good.. They will be all I smoke..

  66. Anonymous says:

    Got a pack two days ago, I’m in PA. I’ve always switched between regular and menthol cigs. Usually prefer regulars. Camel Crush is great either way, and the menthol is unique, and does cool you down to your tonsils! Yay for cool smokes. No more getting bored with the same ol smoke for days. This will also keep me from buying cheapy brands, which get to my sinuses after a while… It would be nice to hear from someone who has went through a carton or more already.

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