Professor Shagnasty's steampunk nerf assault rifle

Yesterday, the description of a monitor slathered with brass and oxidization as 'steampunk' caused me to get so hysterical that I evacuated myself all over BBG's front page. Please ignore this conniption fit, because as much as I like to bitch, I'm about three stiff drinks shy of trying to fit this wonderful steampunk Nerf gun into my little theory of steampunk purity. I think we can bend the rules here. Professor Shagnasty is selling his Model 101 Steampunk Nerf Assault Rifle on eBay. It's the typical eBay steampunk listing, accompanied by the usual overly formal, proto-Victorian prosaic wankery. But this is something I really dig about the steampunk art community: it's never enough for them to just make a Nerf gun look like the official ordnance of an airship captain. They come up with their own in-universe sales patter
In phase warp configuration, and with a proprietary steam assisted coil driver set, the 101 is capable of both Ground and Ariel engagements. Dirigibles, balloons and other lighter than air machinery are easily dispatched using the simplest of maneuvers. Yet, with another turn of the switch, the model 101 can eject plasmatical beams tuned to perfection and capable of dropping any apparition, out of body ghoul or spectral anomaly.
Current bid is $224.72, with 12 hours left on the auction. STEAMPUNK NERF MOD LARP COSPLAY ASSAULT RIFLE Sci Fi [eBay via Gizmodo]
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