Vertu's issues exclusive phone to celebrate 10 years of exclusive Vertu phones

Vertu's latest issue proves again that the rarefied world of luxury gadgets is impervious to good taste. It's been selling cellphones aimed at lottery winners for ten years now, and offers the "Rococo Constellation" in celebration of this achievement. Offered in blandly loud colors and featuring designs modeled on the dessicated ropes of snot left when a slugtrail dries in the morning sun, these new models aim to conjour the elaborate whimsy of a late 18th-century French masterpiece. Vertu Constellation Rococo Collection[Sybarites via Crave]

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5 Responses to Vertu's issues exclusive phone to celebrate 10 years of exclusive Vertu phones

  1. Teej says:

    Nice title, Rob – very Onion-esque.

  2. VSC says:

    I like them too. I can’t help it. I am a woman and a total gadget whore, and I love it when companies actually take the time to make something pretty instead of plain or “cute”. Don’t get me wrong, I love Hello Kitty, but sometimes I like elegant and/or beautiful. Example: happiness was when I discovered Motorola made this:

  3. pooklord says:

    I like them.
    Rococo isn’t seen often enough in small electronics.
    It is you, Sir, who have poor taste.

  4. twosweeties says:

    “blandly loud?” “dessicated ropes of snot?” I don’t know how much these phones are, but it sounds like the writer has a bad case of wealth-envy.

  5. Jake0748 says:

    After doing a little digging, found a store not far from me that sells these little gadgets. After looking at a lot of websites that were SO elegant and refined – and reading a lot of words like celebrity, indulgence, discriminating, exclusive…

    (excuse me, I just had to go puke for a second)

    I found that these babies start at about $7000.00. I assume that since you guys are reading a gadget blog, that you understand what kind of serious, high-quality stuff that kind of money might buy.

    I don’t know if the writer (his name is Rob, by the way) has any wealth envy. Probably more like a healthy dose of disdain.

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