Hans Reiser guilty of rm wife

Jurors in California just found Hans Reiser guilty of murder in the first degree. Linux developer Reiser, creator of an innovative file system that bears his name, was accused of killing wife Nina after her disappearance in September 2006. Wired.com's Threat Level blog has streaming coverage of the verdict: Reiser Jurors Reach Verdict; Wired.com to Stream it Live, and the first story.

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12 Responses to Hans Reiser guilty of rm wife

  1. Ronald Pottol says:

    Now perhaps Reiser4 will make it into the kernel.

  2. kahomono says:

    Does this mean Threat Level will be readable again?

    I unsub’ed from that blog months ago because of its obsessive coverage of this trial. Some people do bad things. Some people are noted *nix developers. So eventually, some noted *nix developer was going to do a bad thing. But I failed to see why this had to become the techie story of the year.

    I will say, now, I am curious what the original headline was.

  3. Rob Beschizza says:

    Original headline was “…guilty of rm wife”

  4. kahomono says:

    Ah. OK. Then I agree with #5 that the -f switch should have been included. :)

  5. strider_mt2k says:

    How confusing it is to come into a story so late.

    I’m sure it must have been interesting…before.

  6. ZekeSulastin says:

    What was the original ‘tasteless’ headline?

    And Rob, the dissenters from the BoingBoing Position put up with crap every day from everybody in the comments section – it’d be nice to see the posters themselves do the same.

  7. popnfresh says:

    Reiser’s wife, Nina, sure knew how to pick ‘em. Reiser’s best friend with whom she reportedly had had an affair, confessed to killing eight people in an unrelated case. I know some women are attracted to bad boys, but… SHEESH!

  8. w000t says:

    california# usermod -g prisoners hreiser

  9. gadfly says:

    Some situations are not really appropriate places to display how clever you are (or at least, how clever you think you are). The title of this post is in extremely poor taste, especially since as far as I can tell this is the first coverage of the trial on the Gadgets side of Boingdom – makes me wonder if this wouldn’t have been mentioned here at all if you hadn’t been so pleased with yourself over that joke.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I think maybe you mean ‘rm -f wife’ ;)

  11. Rob Beschizza says:

    I’ve changed the headline, since I just wanted to point to Wired’s exemplary coverage and can’t really be bothered with the comment nannies tonight.

  12. shutz says:

    Don’t let the censors kill your creativity! With the current headline, I probably wouldn’t have clicked the link or checked the comments (even though I knew who Hans Reiser was and the kind of trouble he’s in.)

    You know what? When something bad happens to me, I’d rather someone make a joke about it and make me laugh than to have everybody be careful not to upset me. That’s way more aggravating.

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