Space Invaders cutting board on Etsy

Etsy craftsman l337motif uses "pixels" of walnut and hard maple to create wooden cutting board with vintage gaming motifs for $125 each. The Legend of Zelda Tri-Force Cutting Board is the only one currently available, and as gaming references in your kitchenware are concerned, it's pretty subtle. But his Space Invaders cutting board is more overtly imbued with geek cred and — I think — far more aesthetically pleasing. Plus, you can plausibly deny that it is gaming related. If anyone asks, just tell everyone that the design on your new cutting board is a macroscopic view of one of the virulent bacterium dwelling in its wooden gouges. l337motif's gaming cutting boards [Etsy]
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4 Responses to Space Invaders cutting board on Etsy

  1. 1337motif says:

    Wow! Thanks for the post, BoingBoing! I just ordered more wood to make more boards, so do not fear! Keep an eye out for a possible Mario board in the coming months.

  2. morkus says:

    I bought one of his Zelda cutting boards when his livejournal post first was first covered over at the mothership… it’s gorgeous, and exceptionally well made. I’m not surprised his etsy store just sold out ;)

  3. semiotix says:

    Those wooden gouges, at the bacterium-scale, are bristling with organic-molecular detritus that bacteria find extremely inhospitable. Distressed, treated wood is not a growth medium for germs.

    Gouges in a plastic cutting board, by comparison, simply create little reservoirs that fill up with traces of chicken blood, buffalo offal, or whatever animal/bodily fluid combination is appropriate to your kitchen environment.

    (The writer is a spokesman for the American Wood Cutting Board Advisory Council.)

  4. kostia says:

    I want one just based on how awesome a name 1337motif is.

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