Fence porthole gives pooch a point of view

It needs no explanation, the Pets' Observation Poodle from Hammacher Schlemmer. Nine inches wide and 5" deep, it gives "the inquisitive canine," which is cataloguese for "dog," a panoramic view of things at which to bark. Hammacher Schlemmer suggests lining several of these $30 domes around the perimeter of your yard, to allow your pet an unrestricted view of interesting places it cannot go.
Product Page [HS] (Thanks, Heather!)

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17 Responses to Fence porthole gives pooch a point of view

  1. help i cant comfirm my username themelonbread says:

    @1: Although the avoidance of ending a sentence with a preposition is not necessary for English, it’s a pretty good stylistic choice that usually clarifies the writer’s intent. Just saying.

  2. Rob Beschizza says:

    Royaltrux, have a nap in that sci-fi spa chamber from a few days back…

  3. Tomble says:

    I really want one of these for my front door. It would be much better than the tiny little spy hole – when someone rings the doorbell I can just cram my face into it and stare at them.

  4. airship says:

    Needs holes so the dog can sniff those inaccessible places as well.

  5. soupisgoodfood says:

    Given that the arc of the porthole matches the pivot point of the dog’s head, I hope it comes with some sort of automatic snot cleaning device. At least if our dog and the car window was anything to go by. Still, very cute. What they really need is some sort of high-tech material that will let smell through, but keep the mad barking in.

  6. strider_mt2k says:

    My wife and I were commenting on this when the catalog arrived the other day.
    It all went down about the same as it did here, INCLUDING the Laika reference!

    It is a cute picture though!

  7. Djinn PAWN says:

    My neighbour is just going to love it when I’m in their yard screwing the porthole into the hole I just cut in our shared fence. Whoo!

  8. Bonnie says:

    Is it just me or does this look like yet another way for the neighbor cat to torment the dog next door?

  9. igm says:

    That’s going to need regular deslobbering. Who’s going to do it? And can we do something about the tennis ball? It’s just a slimy yellow blob of dog mucus. Grotty. Tried to throw it away but the damn dog kept bringing it back, I hate that.

  10. technogeek says:

    Agree with #3. Paraphrasing John Varley, I’m sure the dog would be wondering “why does everything out there smell like plastic and my breath?”

    Then again, they aren’t trying to sell it to the dog. They’re trying to guilt-trip the human into buying it. So it needs to seem attractive to the human. If the dog never uses it… well, they still make a profit.

  11. Rob Beschizza says:

    @5 — I though at first that Royaltrux was having a go at my unwieldy preposition-avoidance, but I think he’s just pointing about that the dog *really will* BARKBARKBARKBARKBARKBARK all day long if it has one of these things at its disposal.

    @3 — “That’s going to need regular deslobbering.” Comment of the month.

    Our dog has one of those short ropes tied at each end to resemble a bone. We call it the “Desert survival rope,” due to the highly concentrated drool content.

  12. jeffbcain says:

    of all the horrible poorly conceived inventions in the world, this one is the cutest.

  13. royaltrux says:

    “…to allow your pet an unrestricted view of interesting places it cannot go, but might like to BARK AT.”

  14. Euryale says:

    Aww. Here I was looking at a cute puppy slobbering up a silly fence window and then you had to go put a picture of Laika at the bottom of the post and make me all sad. Poor Laika.

    My dog, if I had a fenced yard, would probably be too busy sniffing every blade of grass we have to even notice that we’d gotten him a little window. Which is just as well, because we’d have to deslobber it six times a day. My dog’s quite a drooler.

  15. Itsumishi says:

    Does your new manly dog tend to stay quiet when it should be barking like mad?
    Have those annoying stuck up neighbours had too many nights of comfortable sleep in a row?
    Here’s the solution to these problems and more!
    This bubble will let your dog see all the happenings of the street you’re too lazy to take it out to!
    This will guarantee any small child passing will get a scare that’s bound to make everyone think you’re tough and macho!
    Screw the neighbours, if they can afford a Porche they can afford sound proof windows.

  16. royaltrux says:

    No, Rob, Royaltrux just wanted to emphasize the barking….he hasn’t slept in for weeks, wink wink.

  17. aadaamhun says:

    As far as I remember, dogs are VERY bad at sighting (I know, “citation needed”), and they rely on their hearing and smelling mostly.

    Not that a half-sphere plexi wouldn’t have serious distortion usually…

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