Hacked OQO is the world's smallest Mac

Over at the OQO Talk forums, neonatal member TRF's initial claims to have successfully hacked his OQO to run OS X Leopard was met only with scorns and cries of hoax. But a couple of days later, TRF seems to have silenced the nay-sayers, and proven to their satisfaction that it isn't simply a skinjob. TRF's Leopard-running OQO boots in 2 minutes and 30 seconds, which would probably sound more atrocious to me if my current Leopard install didn't take just about the same amount of time to boot (I need to reinstall). Better yet, everything seems to work, including WiFi, sound, power management and Bluetooth. The only thing missing is WWAN, which may be within reach. Whether running Vista or OS X, the OQO's always going to be so small as to be useless in my eyes. But there's no doubt I irrationally lust for one more when it's on Leopard. OQO is the world's smallest Mac [OQO Talk via Engadget]
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4 Responses to Hacked OQO is the world's smallest Mac

  1. David Carroll says:

    Interesting that the theme of the current Mac TV commercials is that Macs are better because the “software and hardware are made by the same people”.

    Turns out that the Mac OS kicks but more or less on all kinds of hardware.

    P.S. I am not trying to start anything, I have never owned a Mac. The closest I came was an Apple ][gs.. AKA the Lisa of the ][ line…

  2. Simon Greenwood says:


    That’s interesting, as Mac hardware hasn’t been made in-house for years. Designed, yes, procured, certainly but all the internals are off the shelf products, mostly from Taiwan. OS X for Intel will run on many PCs because their makers obtain their hardware from the same places. For that matter, OS X is roughly 90% open source, although it’s the 10% that makes it OS X. So to say the software and hardware is made by the same people sounds good for advertising, but it technically ain’t right.

  3. Antonio Silva says:

    My Leopard install takes a long time to boot as well, and it seems to be getting worse as time passes. A behaviour that dangerously mimics Windows. Is a re-install suppose to fix this?

  4. stylinghead says:

    skinjob? really? how lightly you use that word. have you learned nothing from bladerunner?

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