Tortuga's €1,200 pinhole panorama

The Tortuga 5 is a plumwood encased pinhole camera hockey puck, crafted in Luxembourg, that captures 242 degree panorama on standard 120 format film. Despite its ante-diluvian looks, the film can be loaded without a dark room or a dark, moist sack, and fits on a standard tripod mount. The Tortuga's a limited edition of 30, and it costs €1,230, so you may want to stick with your shoebox pinhole, but it's refreshing to see an attractive non-digital come down the pipe now and again. Tortuga 5 [Official Site via Retrothing]
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4 Responses to Tortuga's €1,200 pinhole panorama

  1. Anonymous says:

    There is a thriving pinhole photography community out there, and last Sunday was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day – a yearly event when photographers take pictures on a single day of the year, and post their results at

    There are many less expensive pinhole cameras to be bought out there, including the Pinhole Blender: , and my own cameras at

  2. wingbatwu says:

    Or you can just get the 800$ Omniscope

  3. Fnarf says:

    Hmm. It’s not really taking panoramas, though, just overlapping regular photographs. You can do the same thing with a $20 Holga by just winding the film a little less than normal.

  4. Futrell says:

    my favorite Spanish word – tortuga… or is it calabasa?

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