Is your ideal workstation the Battle-Rig Pro?

Let's admit it: we all like to imagine the perfect workstation. Perhaps yours is a metal slab in a stone cellar packed with blinking hardware and writhing mountains of cable; maybe it's a Mason Verger-style bed surrounded by enormous LCD displays and stock tickers. BornRich's list of luxury workstations is food for thought, packed as it is with a wild variety of overpriced desks and computer racks. Many are nerdy. All are silly, in their own way. If you like number 3 the best, however, seek immediate help. Luxury Workstations [Born Rich]

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10 Responses to Is your ideal workstation the Battle-Rig Pro?

  1. technogeek says:

    Back in the Altair/Imsai days, someone was selling a system built into a desk — the rear 2/3 of the top tilted upward to expose a vertical surface with the monitor, cassette-tape drive, sense switches and lights (I dunno about anyone else, but I _miss_ those even though they’d be completely useless now), and a few other controls.

    Definite Walter Mitty appeal.

  2. chroma says:

    I’ve been using the same particle board computer desk for about 20 years now. Overhead shelves are one of its nicer features, which newer desks tend not to have.

    Alas, it’s starting to sag, as all particle board furniture does, and it barely has enough room for my 21″ CRT monitor.


    Workstation #1 (at the bottom of the page) has got to be a joke. A treadmill in front of a keyboard? Does it come with a t-shirt that says “Danger: Type A Personality?”
    I’d like to see a giant hamster wheel version just for the ironic commentary potential.

  4. Rob Beschizza says:

    I love the idea of building things into desks. A good candidate for this kind of thing at the simple, cheap doors at Home Depot.

    They’re completely plain, like IKEA’s Vika Amon, with no doorknob hole cut, so it’s perfect for use as a desktop. However, they’re hollow, meaning you could stash anything you like inside it.

    I was tempted to actually try and make a computer in one, using ribbon risers and the like to keep it all “flat” … something you folks might like to read about?

  5. Andreas says:

    I once imagined keeping myself very fit with a workstation built around a recumbent exercise bike. At least I imagine it would be more comfortable to integrate training that way rather than with the Walkstation’s treadmill.

  6. artbot says:

    So an iMac constitutes a “workstation”?

    When did “workstation” stop meaning ‘a high-powered machine for doing specialized & computationally intensive tasks’ to ‘anywhere I set my computer’?

  7. Rob Beschizza says:

    This is workstation in the original sense, “An area, as in an office, outfitted with equipment and furnishings for one worker and usually including a computer,” rather than the computer itself.

    Artbot, I think your comment might be the first in the history of the internet where you not only did not read the article, but did not look at the picture closely enough to notice that it wasn’t an iMac.

    I propose a new acronym: LATFP.

  8. License Farm says:

    As a greedy bastard, I would accept any and all of these, but I like in particular #s 9, 7, 5, 3 & 2. Still, my idealized workstation would have a overhead LCD projector and some sort of macro-loaded wireless controller like a PowerGlove or a Wiichuck, maybe even something hands-free that tracks movements; an Optimus keyboard would be cool for all else. The chair should be suspended from the ceiling with some mechanism that would both allow the chair XYZ axis motion and haptic feedback. I’m no gamer, but with a rig like that I would learn.

    This is my ultimate setup that I designed 10 years ago and I will have it.

  9. artbot says:

    #6 – Who has time to look at pictures on the internets unless they’re of the Workstations of the Rich and Famous?

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