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Very first phone book up for auction


The only known edition of the world's first telephone directory — the first phone book — is up for auction, reports Discovery News:

The 20-page directory was issued in November of 1878, just two years after Alexander Graham Bell

BoltBus fleet has free Wi-Fi, power in every seat


A new bus service called "BoltBus" offers free Wi-Fi an power outlets in all its vehicles. I just looked up the rate from New York to Boston (my most typical bus trip) and it's twice as much as the Chinatown …

Aga Four Oven Cooker skips whiz-bang for cast iron badassery


This "Four Oven Cooker" from Aga is made from cast iron, covered in "three coats of vitreous enamel" in fourteen different colors, weights 1,290 pounds, and must be installed by a certified fitter. It's available in an electric model, but …

Video soporific: Cornelius music video

I could try to muster some connection between the all-white, claymation effects of this new music video from Cornelius and, I dunno, eastern design aesthetics, but that'd be a stretch. How about this: I just really like it. Enjoy your …

Grand Theft Auto IV thoughts


When taking a cab a couple of nights ago up the west side of Manhattan, I realized that after a couple of weeks of playing Grand Theft Auto IV I had begun to conflate my internal model of New York …

Virtual worlds to visit before you die


Check out Tom Chick's new games-writing gig at Sci-Fi, Fidgit. Among the first entries is a virtual edition of places you must visit before you die...

Paris, Rome, Fiji, the Taj Majal? Pshaw. Yeah, sure, the graphics are

Cricket folding, portable laptop stand


The Cricket laptop stand is portable, folding up into the little eight-inch cudgel you see at right. A fine solution for mobile computing if you spend time at the tiny desk they give you in hotel rooms. I don't. I …

Silly helmet covers for barbarian bikers


Martin at "Silly Helmet Covers" will sell you one of these stylish additions to your open face motorcycle helmet for just $44, shipped. (Helmet not included, of course.)

Product Page []…

Trail camera company offers million-dollar bounty for pictures of bigfoot


Bushnell, making of outdoor optical equipment like binoculars and infrared-triggered trail cams, has offered a $1,000,000 prize for a verifiable picture of Bigfoot taken with their hardware, reports Loren Coleman.

Bushnell Corporation (also known as Bushnell and Bushnell Outdoor Products)

Totem shower brings bathroom luxury to the ... yard?


Who will buy Waterdesign's Totem SHT FO 2000 outdoor shower system? It's beautifully technological–with a price to match–so it's not like it's just going to get dunked in the dust outside improperly-equipped trailers. BornRich's baroque description of it is just …