BBG Weekend Warfare: Boing Boing Team Fortress 2 Server Now Live!

You are cordially invited to an orgy of cartoon mayhem: Valve's superb Team Fortress 2 is on free play this weekend to celebrate a new update, and we've got a 26-player server set up and ready to roll. What with some interesting comment threads here this week, we thought you might like the chance to reach through the internet and kick our asses. All you need is the steam client, a half-decent PC and and a good internet connection: download what you need at the TF2: Gold Rush Update site. Here's how to find us. Open up Team Fortress 2, click Find Servers and then check the "Custom" tab. Our server name is Boing Boing Team Fortress 2. Our direct ip, if you need it, is The password is "jackhammerjill" without the quotes. That should bring you in! The server's up and running now! We're looking forward to being stabbed in the back, immolated, uber-charged and exploded by all of you! Weekend Schedule: (The server's up 24/7, but it's good to set gathering times for optimal slaughter) Friday 4 p.m.-late, just dicking around Saturday, 4-7 p.m. EST, kill kill kill Sunday, 4-7 p.m. EST, awesomest player wins Neuros OSD DVD organizer!

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10 Responses to BBG Weekend Warfare: Boing Boing Team Fortress 2 Server Now Live!

  1. pork musket says:

    Sweet, I’ll have to play a bit when I get home tonight.

  2. KurtMac says:

    Never played before, but I’ve set up a steam account (LastVigilante) and will maybe try from work (once my boss leaves) or from home this weekend. Should I assume the meeting times are Pacific time?

  3. DreadJester says:

    Trying to get on but says server is not responding……. I’ll get on when I can though. Steam id is DreadJester also.

  4. Hunty says:

    Yay! That was a fun weekend! I demand server stats! :)

  5. jitrobug says:


    I played goldrush for a half hour or so last night, and it was fun… though, I kept getting surprised from behind when I was moving with the cart. That map is gonna take some time.

  6. bigred says:

    I can’t see the server in the custom list, but I can if I search the ip address directly. Even then though, I can’t access it, and don’t see any place to put in the password. What gives?

  7. bigred says:

    What is everyone’s Steam id? Mine is redroark.

  8. SeppTB says:

    Most excellent. I purchased TF2 from Xbox360 and loved it so much I bought it for the PC recently, I haven’t tried Goldrush yet though, I’ll have to stop by!

  9. arcolz says:

    I’ll definitely be on. My steam id is arcolz too.
    Maybe we can start off with some goldrush?

  10. Mithras says:

    Don’t see the server in the custom list.

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