Review: A year with Bamboo's Quick Control dog gear

Bamboo makes a range of durable gear for pets, and sent in its Quick Control Collar with Built-in Leash, its Quick Control Leash + Seat belt latch, and the Quick Control Harness + Built-in leash. This was a year ago. Why the wait? Well, they all work perfectly, but that's to be expected. Durability is the important criterion, especially when these simple items are made complex enough to qualify as gadgets. And that they do: the control collars have a soft handle that extends out from inside the hollow collar, acting as a kind of emergency dog brake, and the seat belt latch connects a leash to a seat belt, to restrict a dog's movement in a vehicle. They work, and work well–the latches kept our dogs safe but fairly free on a 1,500-mile trip, and the elastic collar-handles work well as a way to stop a pup savaging the postman, though they don't extend far enough to work as leashes, unless you're very short. A year in, they're a little frayed at the edges, but the elastic on the quick control collar is still strong and the collars themselves have yet to show significant wear. One thing has failed: the little transparent plastic tag-holders. These went quickly, as they're no more durable than the plastic sheaths one might find on a file folder or the inside of a restaurant menu. Product Page [Bamboo]

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5 Responses to Review: A year with Bamboo's Quick Control dog gear

  1. Rob Beschizza says:

    A year in, still going good.

  2. awesomesnakes says:

    Lady, your dog is a horse.

  3. pork musket says:

    I ordered one of the collars, should get here tomorrow. I will let you know if it lasts 2 hours or a year. :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    We have had one for a year and an half and it has been fantastic!! The only issue now is that Petsmart is no longer selling them. The product was great and has lasted. I need a new one because our lab has really grown and is ready to move up to the next size. Everyone at the dog park/vet’s office always asks where they can get one as well. Let me know if you see them around… Jake’s mom in Austin, Texas.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You have actually used this product? We bought a bamboo collar for our 40 lb Brittany 2 years ago. I think the retractable elastic collar/handle lasted about 2 hrs (in other words, the first time the pizza delivery guy arrived at our door).

    Unless they have changed their design, this was a terrible product.

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